Is medicinal marijuana just an excuse to get a foothold in a state?

What elements in the ground can transfer into a growing marijuana plant that can make someone extremely sick?
September 21, 2010
growing marijuana question?
September 21, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Ra asked:

My state (Michigan) just passed a medicinal marijuana proposal. Is the motive to eventually have altogether legal marijuana? Will marijuana now be more prevalent?


  1. oldhag says:

    Definitely not. Although it might have passed it is still illegal under a federal law. It only helps those who need it for medical use, such as cancer and other painful health problems. I think it should be legal because people under the influence actually act and drive better than people under the influence in alcohol. For centuries marijuana was used for medical conditions and was even legal in the US until prohibition.

  2. condor.wings says:

    of course it will be more prevelant, more people who need it will be allowed to use it
    I think this is a good step for the public to learn to accept that marijuana is in no way harmful and very beneficial

  3. maxmom56 says:

    Perhaps you need to talk to some cancer patients. Have you ever met one? Ever? Know what chemo does to you?

    Please get yourself some education and while you’re at it, get some compassion.

  4. pseudopolitic says:

    some of the motivation was probably to head in that direction, but currently its all done with doctors and state supported.