growing marijuana?

Marijuana Bust in Chicago Archival Newsreel
September 21, 2010
What elements in the ground can transfer into a growing marijuana plant that can make someone extremely sick?
September 21, 2010
Marijuana Growing
asdhm asked:

im planning on growing a few marijuana plants for the first time have u guys got any tips for me?


  1. yomumsux says:

    dont get caught 😛

  2. Soaring Bird says:

    They need A LOT of sunlight – and that’s the main reason people get busted growing it because they have to plant them outside and helicopters spot the pot fields.

    However, you can buy certain lamps at a plant nursery that simulate sunlight so you can grow the plants in the privacy of a basement or something. Be prepared for a high electricity bill though because I’ve heard from most of the people who use the lamps that they leave them on 24/7.

    But yeah, lots and lots of sun – that’s the fastest way to grow them.

  3. kushtoe says:

    The key to succesful growing is ventillation.

    Obviously light (you need metal halide or HPS) for optimum growth, water and nutients but if you havent vented then you will stress out your plants and your harvest will suffer.

    Just remember that you are recreating the outdoor environment indoors, you have full control when growing indoor.

    If you know about growing plants in general then you have a good start already, after all they a just plants.

    Get some good grow books but seach the internet as there is loads of info out there.

    Search for Ed Rosenthal as he’s got loads of experience. Check out High Times (they have a growing area)

    You MUST start off with a good strain and good seeds, no good getting your seeds out of the bottom of you last bag, buy the most expensive strain you can afford but make sure they are suiitable for your grow room (height etc) you can also get indoor/outdoor strains so watch out for that.

    And of course, remove the males once identified, you don’t want your females pollinated and your smoke less potent than it should be.

    I could go on and on so feel free to email if you’ve any more queries.

    Happy growing.

  4. alexj01uk says:

    I assume you are gonna grow these plants indoors. If so I highly recommend looking up envirolites. They take less energy and less room than hps lights. The also get less hot so you can have the lights VERY close to the plants. This is a huge advantage. All you need is a couple of these and a few plant pots and a nice bit of soil. You can go hydro and buy the kit, but it makes no difference.

  5. CS says:

    Tons of good info on the web…try this one to start: