medical marijuana growing license and background checks?

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
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nathanj85 asked:

I want to start growing for dispensaries and understand that you need a marijuana card and license to do so. I also understand this goes on your medical records. That being said, does it affect background checks? I’m heading into the medical field and was wondering if it would affect me from getting a job as an RN at a hospital, doctors office, etc. Thanks in advance 🙂


  1. The V Man aka ACE says:

    only if you get in trouble with federal agents

  2. cosmokramer says:

    Getting high and eating a bag of chips are we not wait 69 bags of chips yum yum

  3. Reverend Rory says:

    If you really want to enter the medical profession, don’t do it. True, many doctors privately endorse ‘self medication’ with marijuana in the cases of pain management, nausea, and appetite, from cancer patients to expectant mothers with extreme morning sickness. However, the powers that be in the medical fied (namely the AMA and FDA) are still politically (and financially) allied with the failed war on drugs initiated by the federal government. Until the fed dramatically changes its stance on marijuana, having that on your record may restrict your career opportunities. Even if you live in Cali, it can still negatively affect your jobsearch.

  4. mebald says:

    it is regulated by the feds unless your a pharmacy (legal) you will not b able to that