Do medicinal marijuana plants require direct sunlight to grow when grown outdoors?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Ryan asked:

I have my medical marijuana card and am currently trying to grow a few plants to cut back on the cost of buying from my dispensary. I am making an area in my yard for a garden, and was just wondering if the plants need to be hit directly by the ray of the sun throughout the day. Basically will being in the shade a few hours a day (from when the sun goes below the fence line) cut off the growth elements it gets from the sun? or is the light still somehow absorbed.


  1. Patrick D says:

    Marijuana requires full sun. However, a few hours of indirect sun in the afternoon should not be a problem.

  2. Raymond J says:

    Grow them exactly how you would tomatoes. And yes, just like tomatoes, marijuana plants do best with as much direst sunlight as possible.

  3. Joshua says:

    Get Em’ hot hot hot, full sun baby so those girls can grow big and fat. Some afternoon shade should be fine, but may stunt the growth.