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September 10, 2010
Do you guys think people are growing too lenient of Marijuana?
September 10, 2010
Marijuana Growing
sarah asked:

Can you grow Marijuana in an wooded area? Not in a field but one plant after another in different spots?….In California if you have a doctors paper or whatever you get down there for medical Marijuana is there a Limit to how much you can grow or a limit on where you can grow it?…….BEST ANSWER GETS 10PTS


  1. Jim says:

    Wish I could gro it.

  2. Darius Denzel Wesley Dpretty says:

    probably not its illegal but just keep it a secret if you do it fill me plenty of people do it i’m guessing just dont hot bix sh*t fill me nd youl’l be all good bratha

  3. the unholy jesus christ says:

    yea there is its like 6 plants i think

    u cant grow outside unless its in ur yard…federal authorities can still bust u even in cali

    i dont suggest u do it

  4. BallinBob says:

    yes you can grow in the woods just cover with some type of fence (deer ate a couple of my plants hahaha) And in California if you are lucky enough to get a slip you may grow as much as you would like but no sellin it they will check. o and heres your star

  5. tim d says:

    not in a row,in mendecino you can have 100 per 100sq foot canopy.but its been chaging alot. best thing to do is check the county where you want to grow peace and good luck with all those fuck up people

  6. derecho says:

    Yes, marijuana ‘might’ be able to grow in a wooded area, but not very well. If you plant ‘pot’ outdoors, you still must tend to it. That leaves a trail straight to the spots. A permit has strict limitations on the number of plants. You cannot grow in an area that is visible to the public. You cannot grow on public land or forests. Marijuana is much more difficult to grow than you apparently think it is.