GARY 16: oaksterdam marijuana inc. cnbc drug bust reenactment


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GaryMarijuanaPotDoll asked:

SUBSCRIBE—-for Gary 16 video: gary reenacts marijuana inc. cnbc style. Huge drug marijuana bust just like TV. Watch Gary 17 the finale marijuana pod doll saga..

21 comments on “GARY 16: oaksterdam marijuana inc. cnbc drug bust reenactment

  1. cvmg1969 on

    Here is a great idea – lets all be like Johnny Apple seed – seed America everywhere, in parks, on the lawn of the court houses across the land – from California to the New York high land, from the Redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters – this land was meant for marijuana! Let “Seed America” be a battle cry for the new freedom we all want. This is civil disobediance at it’s finest – Seed America from sea to shining sea!

  2. GordonEdward on

    Heh, I think they should have shocked him, and he could have said the line… “Don’t taze me bro… I just wanna get high!”

  3. slippereal on

    ahahaha great job gary. cops in philly have been psycho since frank rizzo!!!

    was that one cops name spiccoli? LOL

  4. 311cky on

    Damn Gary, I’m sorry you got busted….all you wanted to do was get high! Good luck : ) Funny video!!! 5 stars!

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