Do you guys think people are growing too lenient of Marijuana?

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
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lately all of these false myths are spreading like wildfire, and people are starting to somehow mistakenly think that Marijuana is really safe and harmless. It has all sorts of problems linked to it. COPD, Increased risk of Heart Attack, Breathing problems, and overeating which could cause obesity or contribute to higher blood pressure. Do you think all of these false facts about it curing cancer, and being completely safe and natural cause it to be seen in a light that’s way too lenient?
a drug is a drug, and all drugs are bad.


  1. Thomas Greenburg says:

    1. the fact that marijuana MAY cure cancer has not been disproved.
    2. it is natural.
    3. yes there are negative effects to marijuana but look up the negative effects to alcohol or cigarettes. which sounds worse, obesity or increased risk of a heart attack or addiction and death?
    4. caffeine is a drug so is Tylenol. should they be illegal too? anything that effects your body in a certain way, positive or negative, is a drug.
    5. you sir are ignorant.

  2. Agent WD-40 says:

    Unfortunately our current government doesn’t really even care about this issue anymore. Barack Obama, the Narcissist-in-Chief, even used to smoke dope. Because he refuses to tighten security along the Mexican border and because he even mocks and belittles those who suggest such an idea to him, I think that he actually wants these drugs in our country.

    I think that leniency on drugs such as marijuana is all part of a power grab. The more the population uses drugs, the easier it is to control them. Instead of having intelligent free thinkers in our society, we will just have a bunch of pot heads running around looking for their latest fix.

  3. stone51992 says:

    Ever try aspirin?

    Cough medicine maybe?

    Truth is, marijuana is no worse (and probably much better) than cigarettes and I don’t think many are talking about banning cigarettes, are they?

  4. NeVerFade` says:

    I’m with you dude. I mean how in the world marijuana became safe. I’ve witnessed people ruined their lives because of this piece of sh1t. Only an idiot would think it is safe and harmless, just because it feels good to live in complete unrealistic fantasy (most of people i asked who use marijuana say they feel like they’re in a world without harm). Pfft I hope United Nations do somethin about this , otherwise 10years from now we’ll see our babies taking marijuana instead of milks.

  5. James Miller says:

    Were you drunk when you were writing this question? Come on man, use the little brain power you have for something productive. Sure, you are right; a drug is a drug. Yet we are becoming “lenient” to Marijuana for the exact same reason our founding fathers smoked it. The exact same reason our current and past presidents have smoked it. It gives you peace and is harmless. It isn’t even that we are growing “lenient” we used to trade the crop with other governments and government officals! Marijuana has never caused cancer, who told you that? (sources please) The only reason you’ll have breathing problems using weed is because of the smoke. Any type of smoke with effect the lungs but I’m not going to stop using my BBQ. Also it is completely natural, it has always been seen in the light that way because it grows out of the ground. It is as much of a gateway drug as milk is to alcohol. It has been legalized for the majority of America’s existance. The only reason violence is linked to the drug is because it is a HUGE INDUSTRY. We should legalize it and tax it as soon as possible! The whole country is allowing the drug dealers to run it. This is the exact same thing that happened with Al Capone and the money he made when alcohol was illegal in Chicago. There has never been any violent crimes related to the drug, nobody has ever overdosed on the drug, and it isn’t “Seen in a light” like you say. Alcohol on the other hand is advertised, distrubuted in grocery stores, and is linked to violent crimes along with the medical murders it is to blame for. Clearly you watched a government PSA on the 6 o clock news and just had to vent about your personal revolutionary ideas. Because you sir, are truely saving your country.. Lmfao jk, you are a fucking moron.

  6. Daniel says:


    You sound like the counselor, Mr. Mackey, on Southpark.

    “See, drugs are bad. Mmmmkay…. And if you do drugs you could end up in jail…. and that’s bad. Mmmkay””

    I love your impeccable reasoning and abundance of substantial facts (this is me being sarcastic).

  7. just me says:

    I disagree with you.

    First, the problems you listed (copd, hear problems ,breathing problems…) are all related to SMOKING the marijuana, not the marijuana itself. There are other ways to use marijuana that do not include smoke, and no smoke eliminates those problems.

    As far as over eating, marijuana does cause munchies. But a little bit of self control can go a long way, just like with any other craving. Most obese pot smokers would be obese without the marijuana.

    Most people are NOT calling marijuana a cure to cancer. In fact, the only people I have seen call marijuana a cure to cancer are the cancer cure conspiracy theorists who are convinced the gov knows about a cancer cure but wont tell the public for fear of loosing profits. But even for those who seriously think it could cure cancer, there ARE studiers showing the marijuana has at least some anti cancer properties.

    Marijuana is NOT completely safe, and I do agree with you that the pro marijuana side is in many ways just as dishonest as the anti marijuana side. What they generally mean when no one has died from it is that it is virtually impossible to fatally over dose from marijuana. Which is more or less true. Its NOT impossible, but it would be incredibly difficult. Studies have been done that show you would have to extract multiple pounds worth of marijuana into a single dose or so to create a fatal overdose. Its easier to fatally over dose on water.

    Beyond that, its not 100% safe. NOTHING is 100% safe. It *is* contraindicated with certain medical conditions and medications. Its not safe to drive while using ANYTHING that causes a high. Abuse and over use can cause psychological addiction.

    But, compared to tobacco and alcohol, its a LOT safer, and those two are legal. Its a lot safer than many prescription narcotic pain killers and anti nausea/anti anxiety meds.

    I dont think the problem is too much leniency. Rather, i think the problem is that neither side of the argument wants to be 100% accurate. You are sittin here going on about how awful it is, just like every other anti marijuana source that is protecting nothing but the money in their own pockets. Tell me, if marijuana is too dangerous to be legal, then why is alcohol and tobacco? For that matter, why is driving a car legal, because that is statistcally more dangerous.

    As far as all drugs being bad, then I would presume you dont consume sugar or caffeine as well? No tobacco, no alcohol? Do you do yoga instead of taking a tylonal? Meditate instead of taking pain meds when you break your ankle? Everyone has taken drugs. What makes them good or bad in most people’s eyes are the opinions they have been socialized to have about them. What *should* make them good or bad is how dangerous they are vs how beneficial they can be. Marijuana has a very low danger risk, with at least some beneficial properities. So, in my opinion, I think people should be more lenient of marijuana while learning and spreading the truth about it, rather than lies from either side.

  8. Big Nasty 775 says:

    First of all, no one has EVER had a heart attack remotely related to marijuana usage. Look it up.
    Secondly, smoking anything isn’t going to be a plus for your respiratory system, but marijuana has never harmed any one’s lungs to the point of them even needing medical attention. How many people die a year from cigarette-induced lung cancer? The number is in the hundreds of thousands.
    Overeating? This really isn’t a problem any country with marijuana legalized is experiencing, so I really am curious as to where you get this data. It HELPS cancer and aids victims stomach food because it increases apatite while simultaneously suppression nausea. Honestly man, it’s being sold as a MEDICINE for that very purpose.
    No one has ever died, or come even close to being remotely harmed by any of the so called “facts” you mention here.

  9. James says:

    You must be around some odd people, because NOTHING is harmless. But, you’re an idiot. You’re COPD theory is assuming people are actually smoking ounces of weed at once, like people who smoke 2 or 3 or 10 packs of cigarettes in one day. On average, users of marijuana smoke a total of 1 joint a day, which won’t cause COPD, breathing problems, or even a slight cough. And you’re whole obesity thing… marijuana doesn’t cause obesity you fuck, the food you eat causes it. If you wanna blame something for obesity, blame the stupid government that controls your futile mind for allowing kids to eat 3 Big Macs in one sitting. And, they aren’t false facts… they just haven’t been proven yet.

    If you wanna bitch about something being dangerous, bitch about cigarettes and alcohol and fucking car exhaust. Don’t diss shit just because you heard and disagreed. Fucking idiot.

    I guess that means you don’t take cough medicine, or think that people with AIDS and cancer shouldn’t be able to manage their pain. Anything can be good in moderation.

    You’re fucking ignorant.