Im growing medical marijuana, what happened to my plant?

is it legal to fly with marijuana on you if you have a medicinal marijuana card if your going out of state?
September 18, 2010
What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana use?
September 18, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Ray M asked:

hopefully i dont get banned again for no reason…anyway, my plant just fell over all a sudden, not sure what i did wrong… what cause a plant to just fall over and die???
in cali if you have a clubcard you can grow marijuana legally and smoke legally.


  1. Chris M says:

    Fall over and die all of a sudden? probably cant happen, unless someone screwed with it! i would buy a cheap hidden camera to monitor the area if your going to have that type of plant growing.

    be safe. keep it away from any kids.

  2. howmanyhalos says:

    If you were taking care of it, it wouldn’t *just* fall over and die. It would’ve shown signs of deteriorating health before now. Maybe it became infested or something.

    Did you diagnose yourself or is it legit medical use? You must live in CA? I thought you were to be dispensed these drugs, not growing them on your own?

  3. rkeith03 says:

    soil not compacted enough, or if your growing hydro, you need to have the plant braced to something so it stands up. you can always grow it sideways like a bush.

  4. Papagenu III says:

    You gotta keep the meristem strong, if it was healthy green but fell over you need to make the stems stronger

    Point a rotating fan at your plant, so that the wind simulation causes the plant stems to grow nice and strong, you can do this at any time or age, its like flexing muscles for plants

    It doesnt have to be on all the time, but about 4-12 hours a day at least

    If your plant wasnt healthy, had ugly deformed yellow leaves and shit before it fell over, that was a nutrient deficiency and thats a whole different story