What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana use?

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September 18, 2010
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Medicinal Marijuana
Caduceus of Hermes asked:

I work in the medical field. I have seen many patients who admit to using marijuana for pain management, loss of appetite, glaucoma, anxiety and migrane headaches. Many practices will dismiss the patient for drug use. All have said they would rather use marijuana, than a synthetic drug that can cause major side effects. On the other hand, it is an illegal substance. It has been considered a “gateway drug”. Should it be legalized? Should the patient have a right to decide if he/she can use marijuana for medicinal purposes? What are your thoughts?


  1. That Person says:

    I think that if it works do it.

  2. ambrosechevelle says:

    I completely agree with those who say they would rather have marijuana than a synthetic drug with side effects.

    It should be legal.

    If alcohol (which is far more dangerous to society than marijuana) can be legal—then so should marijuana.

    The old fuddy duddies lawmakers want to have their cocktails while they think marijuana is evil.

    In ten years or less it will be legal in most states except for the old fashioned southern states.

  3. pure_genius says:

    Cannabis is non-toxic, and was a part of the USP until 1941. The plant didn’t change people did. Since the government allows Unimed to synthesize THC and sell it for over 5 times the black market price, it should let people use medical cannabis.

  4. julvrug says:

    The question here is the weed actually providing the good or is it the idea of using it? some side effects, good or bad, are created in the mind. The idea is that the marijuana is “safe” because it is considered natural. What a lot of people do not understand is the medicinal use is not the same as the stuff they buy on the street. It does not have the potency to get a person “high” and would not affect the street sales of the drug. Legalized marijuana would not be the same and probably not have the same effects as what these people are using. One side effect of using the higher potency street marijuana, is addiction, which is not much different than many
    “synthetic” medication, it can also have phsycial effects even though these may not show up for a period of time. I do not agree with it except in extreme and proven cases, and then only medical marijuana, not something with the higher THC levels. What will be used to prevent abuse if the marijuana has the THC levels of street weed and who determines who the patients will be?

  5. jukeboxhero2008 says:

    i think they should legalize it for recreational use too because it’s really not that bad for you. all that shit about cancer, heart attacks and fucking up your mind and simply not true. of course, anything done too much is bad for you and some people get anxiety issues from smoking/ingesting marijuana. i mean come on, we have cigs and alcohol which harm your health far more than marijuana. oh and there’s that whole gateway bullshit. let me tell you something, if someone tries an illegal drug, why not try 2? or 3? or all of them? i mean marijuana is made too look just as bad as coke, X, shrooms and all of that crap. legalize weed, shrooms and all natural plants. drugs were outlawed because of racism believe it or not (in the 20th century). we outlawed weed because mexicans smoked it, coke because black people used it and opium because the chinese used it. and let’s not forget the alcohol prohibition period (that went great didnt it?). we should legalize anything that had medical use for medical use and legalize everything that has no physical addiction like weed and shrooms. ironicly enough, with this policy, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol would be made illegal (but i think they should remain legalized).

    p.s: i do not do drugs, although i have smoked weed a few times

  6. Creatine Monohydrate 3-5gr daily says:

    Yes medical marijuana should be legal!! It was demonized during the 1920’s, refer to refer madness! the world is upside down and progressively gets worse as time passes. Did you know that the FDA “food and drug administration” classifies anything that can treat or cure a disease or malady, is a drug! Under these rules and definitions, WATER can be classified as a drug along with food and air!! When will it stop? probably never in the nanny state that has become our government! On a side note, deaths attributed to alcohol far exceed ANY death attributed to marijuana! current statistics to date show NO deaths from the use of marijuana.. Which one should be illegal???? Read the emperor wears no clothes by Jack Herer at the referenced link

  7. T H says:

    I think the illegal status of marijuana falls into two categories.

    First – The world wide drug trade is “controlled”. Due you think this huge money making machine is operated by drug lords? Or could it be by more organized and powerful groups such as Governments? All political hopefuls need money to help them climb the political ladder. Oh, and lets not forget how governments that “borrow” money from Banks like, The Federal Reserve, repay these astronomical debts they are accruing. Hmmm, production of opium in Afghanistan has doubled since the U.S. has been there.

    Second – Consider this… many religions throughout the world consider cannabis as a sacrement. Does the phrase Tree of Knowledge ring a bell. With this arguement, it could be considered a form of religious prejudice in a country that proclaims Freedom of Religion. Our Forefathers stated it best; Life, Libery, and the pursuit of Happiness.