is it legal to fly with marijuana on you if you have a medicinal marijuana card if your going out of state?

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September 18, 2010
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metal_chick_420 asked:

im flying to kauai this summer and i have a medicial marijuana card and i was wondering if it is legal for me to take marijuana with me on the plane. i dont want to be hassled so how do i do this without going trough a bunch of crap?


  1. cherri_licious :-) says:

    why would you even wanna take marijuana? OMG your a criminal!

  2. trueblond195 says:

    Yes it is! I know someone who flew across the country with marijuana that was used for medicinal puposes. Just make sure you keep the card with you.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    Keep your card with you. There should be no hassles.

  4. Max B says:

    You may not get caught but it is still illegal in all 50states. Controlled substances (which marijuana is) are regulated by the federal government. Although there is a lot talk about this. The medical cards are only effective with law enforcement agencies that are under the legislature that passed the law. In other words the US Law trumps the state law. Unless you want to risk ending up in jail buy it when you get there.

  5. Rick says:

    No. When flying you’re under the jurisdicition of the FAA, which is a federal authority. Some states have authorized the use of medical marijuana, but the federal government can still arrest you…even in that state. They could easily charge you with felonies, as they would with firearms and even bullets.

  6. jongoinsdc says:

    smoke it before, keep your card, buy some when ever you get to where you are going.

  7. NGS says:

    Yes, as long as you have your card for proof that it is for medical purposes then you should have no problem.

  8. Melissa R says:

    Medical card or not, it’s still illegal. I wouldn’t have it with me at an airport where there are drug sniffing dogs.

  9. efmc1101 says:

    first off why do you need medical marijuana i hope they arest you!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pharaoh Yosef says:

    You wouldn’t be the first person with a maryjane card to be detained if detected.
    To avoid that, wrap it in saran wrap – repeatedly, one layer at a time.