If you grow hemp to make hemp products, can they charge you with growing marijuana?

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October 1, 2010
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What Dreams May Come asked:

It’s the same plant, isn’t it? So how do you prove you’re making stuff with it, not smoking it?


  1. newportz_kill says:

    no, theyre two different kinds of plants.

  2. Righty says:

    Lets be honest, if your an average Joe and your wanting to grow pot to “make hemp products” your probably a hippie and your going to smoke what you dont need.

  3. slew says:

    Legally it’s not the same plant, but it’s still illegal. YOu need a special permit to grow it. YOu don’t want the trouble anyways. Potheads would be breaking into your home trying to steal it.

  4. God answers all questions says:

    not if you have a license to grow it

  5. Erik G says:

    you need a licens to gower HEMP the male cannabis plant only has
    0.6% THC(the good stuff) unlike marijuana which has 30% THC
    so the answer is no they cant unless you have a licens or go to canida

  6. maxwelta says:

    in canada it is illegal unless you have a licence… simply put, why would you be growing hemp unless you were trying for pot to begin with… at least thats how the police see it

  7. krackerbarrel50 says:

    they are not the same plant. It is the sister plant of cannabis.
    Hemp is grown mainly for its strong fiber. It could be used to make something like rope or paper or cloths. It was legal in the U.S until an oil company who didn’t like the competition of the hemp industry and there ropes claimed that hemp had a toxin called THC and had hemp banned. This is not completely untrue because some strains of hemp do have traces of THC, but too low to get a “high” off of. and it also contains a pretty high percentage of CBD that blocks the high of marijuana. in the U.S its still illegal to grow hemp (which is ridiculous its not marijuana at all!) but it is not illegal to purchase hemp made products, and in A lot of countries hemp is legal to grow, and some countries its legal to grow if you have a permit.
    I’D think its not a bad offense to be caught growing hemp as long as there is no marijuana around. The two are easy to distinguish.