CFL Marijuana Growing – Episode 1: A Journey Begins


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doejohn779 asked:

A two-chamber CFL marijuana grow operation designed for continuous harvest. Cheap startup cost, energy efficient and cool grow temperatures in an extended closet space. The plants in the flower chamber on the left have just been transplanted along with plants in the vegetation chamber on the right. Max lumen output is a 68 watt CFL that puts out 4500 lumens. Total watts used is 600.

15 comments on “CFL Marijuana Growing – Episode 1: A Journey Begins

  1. jessieandrade on

    @doejohn779 i know its benn long since you posted, but i gotta ask
    does it stink? i mean, can you smell it from a distance?

  2. doejohn779 on

    For those who leave comments, you post a question or thought, and you shall receive a response! Good day to all and be sure to check out episode 2 and 3 and 4 is coming soon with some thoughts on how this whole project has been so far. PEACE!

  3. doejohn779 on

    @GORILAGROW3R281 Have you seen the updates yet? episode 4 is coming and it shall reveal great triumphs i do believe you’ll need to see them. Have a peaceful time, PPP!

  4. doejohn779 on

    @jophuss420 ask away my appreciated follower! I’m here to share what I know and learn from others like me! Have a peaceful day friend. PPP

  5. jophuss420 on

    Great job, the best setup ive seen, this gives me inspiration for the future. I would also like to ask you a few questions, maybe get a few tips!!!

  6. doejohn779 on

    @simmoson thanks man, putting together the next video soon… Episode 3, detection of females and official start of flowering!!

  7. doejohn779 on

    @GORILAGROW3R281 just wait n see, the next video shows they looking better already!!!!! Check it out man! I’ve already succeeded in the mere fact I’m doing what the fuck I want to do!!

  8. simmoson on

    i shall take this journey with u my friend, i just hit subscribe cant wait to see ur awesome little plants grow up 😀

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