How much money can you make growing marijuana?

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September 27, 2010
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September 27, 2010
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Justify Your Existence asked:

Just curious how much weed growers earn, just a simple house setup 8plants to a big set up 100plants


  1. grumpy retard says:


  2. Jason says:

    it depends where you go to sell it….but we are talking BIG BUCKS here $$$$$$$ !!!!!

  3. ec123456789able says:

    you will not make any money because you will be locked up. it is not ”if” they catch you it is ”when”. troll.

  4. Shado says:

    Very much money… But if you are caught, then all that money could go into your bail money…

  5. Take Me Beriously says:

    that clearly depends on how many customers you have in between jailings. right? Also.. how much do you intend to grow? you are limited by your own ability to meet the demand.
    How am i supposed to predict how many customers you will have and how much they have in their pockets to spend?

    In the upperclass suburbs.. you’d make a LOAD of money…but your lifespan as a dealer would be shortlived because upperclass people will always report dealers to the police. Upper-class men are very protective of the neighborhood environment.
    In the upperclass burbs, You’d make a lot of money in a short time. Then you will wake up in jail… .and the police will be auctioning off everything you bought with your profits.

    Start a real legit business. I assure you I make more money than the average pot dealer. I do it legit by selling things the government doesnt mind me selling.
    I make money as I sleep from the internet.
    I’m sitting IN MY HOUSE right now.. in my UNDERWEAR. I’m barely even working at the moment.
    Why? because my business is mostly automated and my products are shipped by another company and I have employees who handle customer service.

    THAT IS A MUCH BETTER LIFE….. than hiding pot plants from the fbi.
    You can have it to.
    I bought this life for just $20,000 start up money.

  6. Metal Gear Freak says:

    There are 4 main variables here; How fast you can sell, the type of weed you’re growing, how many plants are females, and how much you got to sell. You’ll want to establish a good set of buyers quickly, as they are pretty much your boon. Without them, you won’t make jack. Make sure you grow some decent stuff, because if you grow some Snicklefrits you’ll make MAYBE $1000 a plant. Grow some bomb fire and you can easily double that. And of course, you’ll want to grow as much as possible without it getting out of hand. Make sure you identify the males as soon as possible, because they will make NOTHING to sell or smoke. Just useless plants. So even if you have 100 plants, they could all turn out male (This is almost impossible, but the key word is almost). Just make sure you know how many plants are actually going to produce bud before anything else. Good luck

  7. Mary Jane says:

    You make 100% profit , so if you sell $1000 of kush a week you would earn $1000 minus electricity bills, but if your smart you’ll be able to figure out how to make free electricity 😉