Wild marijuana growing in a park?

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September 27, 2010
wild pot grass reefer bud marijuana growing next to highway in iowa on Sept 18 2009 growing wild
September 27, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Ryan asked:

So I live in Minnesota and theres a park by my friends house, its only a few square miles, has a running trail and bike path, and he said he found some marijuana growing wild by the bike path and he picked it up and was going to smoke it. I told him it probably wasnt even marijuana- but could it be and could it get him high? Does it just grow wild in parks where people walk past daily?


  1. POp Tart says:

    it could be weed.
    someone could have planted it there to keep it off their property
    yeah it could get him high

  2. phressh2death says:

    yes its a plant so it can grow there. i’m not sure how you are going to make it smokeable

  3. Ryan says:

    Were they leaves? People usually smoke the “Bud” of the plant, the flower. It could have been a plant that looked like a marijuana plant. If he picked the leaves, and it WAS a marijuana plant, he most likely wouldn’t even get high, as the bud is what has the most THC.

    People do plant weed in parks, but usually deep in the woods where people wouldn’t find them.

  4. b m says:

    sure its very possible…weed can grow almost anywhere, which is probably why its nicknamed weed. although its unlikely it will be very strong, at least not the leaf. if i was him, i’d leave it and come back in September to see if it’s budding (only female plants bud) and then, if it is, wait until the buds are ripe (maybe October sometime, depending on many factors) and then pick it, dry it, and do an extraction using acetone or some other method.

    the buds may be strong enough to smoke, so you could try that. it’s possible to do an extraction with the whole plant by way (don’t bother with the roots or stems really). you might be surprised, a wild plant can grow to 20 feet high and have a lot of material. they grow really, really fast in the summer, so i’d totally wait until the fall before disturbing them. they can literally grow an inch or more a day.

    you might consider topping them, to make them bushier and less tall (less conspicuous, and more potential budding sites on the females).

    of course, i’m assuming that cannabis is legal where you live and that you know what you are doing. chemicals and illegal activity can be dangerous, that’s for sure.

  5. Soilguy says:

    Cannabis sativa (aka marijuana and hemp) grows wild all over the midwest, especially in the “tall grass prairie” region, which includes southern Minnesota (including Minneapolis/St. Paul area). The plant you saw can easily be C. sativa.

    If it is the stuff that has gone wild, it is from hemp fiber stock. There was a major push, during World War II, to grow hemp in the US, because most of our raw hemp fiber came from the Philippines and we were cut off from it when the Japanese took over. The plant spread and now grows along fence lines, drainage ditches, railroad right-of-ways and vacant lots over many thousands of square miles. The C. sativa from hemp fiber stock has little, if any, THC in it. It cannot get anyone high.

    It is also possible that someone planted it, or someone just tossed some seeds away and they sprouted. If that is the origin, it will probably have some degree of potency.