How many years in prison should God be sentenced to for growing marijuana?

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September 26, 2010
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September 26, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Mizz SJG asked:

Hey Spencer, who invented the marijuana plant?


  1. nosotros says:

    That is a dumb question

  2. shaza d says:


  3. animator_phil says:

    none. God should not be punished for your temptations. Thats like saying he should be put in prison for making breasts.

  4. the real shaz says:

    Uhhmmm…I think he got eternity in heaven for that one.

  5. Tree kisser says:

    Bush would require Americans to impose the Death penalty on god. Sad but its true.

  6. Spencer says:

    No this shouldnt be happening. its not Gods fault for people doing and growing marijuana its the persons fault for being so stupid or blind they dont know what they are doing and they dont know what it could do to their health. God is innocent. he doesnt grow marijuana. Hes an kind,excellent,caring,wonderful,super intelligent,loving,trustworthy, God.

  7. thinkerbelle says:


    crucify the asker! hehe jk

  8. I know everything says:

    God didn’t do anything wrong by growing marijuana. He created it for us to use and enjoy.

  9. catwoman says:

    ha ha that’s funny (NOT) that’s so stupid what kind of question is this !that plant was made for different reason not to get high off , you can get high off almost anything if you think about it paint ,bleach etc should the people who invited those product go to jail

  10. Al S says:

    We humans and the most ignorant among us are Gods’ punishment. He weeps for us every time we do something stupid like smoking pot…and voting democrat.

  11. Richard_crainium says:

    why do libs like drugs so much!

  12. Dead Fox says:

    HAH! That’s pretty funny. I like that. Never thought of that. Good one.


    Oh jeeze! People are taking this seriously!

  13. Canbarra 2 says:

    I agree with the person who said this question is dumb. With that said, God does not grow, or use marijuana, This is a human vice. Only good comes from God. It’s your free will to screw things up.