What are the rules for growing medical marijuana in Ukiah,California?

medicinal marijuana?
September 26, 2010
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September 26, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Lesberado asked:

Is there a city ordinace for medical growing?I live in the city limits and would like to grow outdoors.


  1. tbosq says:

    there are no rules………….its illegal. You cant grow medical marijuana unless you know what you’re doing…otherwise its just marijuana…

  2. kekroodota says:

    You have to wear a “Tie-dyed” shirt, and hug and kiss alot of trees!

    Then you can grow whatever you want,

    Except spinach.
    California spinach, “kills” !!!
    more than just brain cells !

  3. legal grower prop 215 says:

    I have been growing medical marijuana for the last 4 years under the protection of proposition 215. It can be difficult to find the rules and regulations that apply for your county. But the information can usually be found at your local CO-op, or pot dispensary, which if you are LEGAL you will have access too. But the location of the dispensaries may also be a mystery to you, since the doctors are not allow to tell you where you can buy your medication: it would be like them sponsoring a certain pharmacy, but they will send you in the direction of the local co-op, where you will likely obtain your state issued card and they will answer your questions about the legal limits of your area.

    But if for some reason you still can’t find the information. Go to your local police department and ask them. It is not illegal to ask questions, and as long as your legal and not operating a vehicle you can smoke it right in front of them in all areas you can smoke cigarettes. I do it all the time, if you play nice so will they. (respect is mutual)

    Oh, and I apologize for all the other people who answered before me, they have WEED envy. The guy who wrote…..

    there are no rules………….its illegal. You cant grow medical marijuana unless you know what you’re doing…otherwise its just marijuana…

    Is just a dumb ass. What does that statement even mean. Pot is not difficult to grow if you have 3 things.

    #1 the means (money, clones, equipment, location ect. It can take a lot of money to set up an indoor garden properly. My energy bill is a 2 grand a month. But I grow for 3 patients so my bill is higher that normal. (180 plants)

    #2 the ability to read, there are several good grow books on the market. It is more of a science than an art. people that treat it like an art, typicly over prune and develop bad teqniques. which hurts harvest. But if you take it from a scientific method, and keep a garden diary, with measurements, pictures and a nutrient calender. you will become the guru dank grower.

    #3 A Green Thumb
    If you can’t keep a houseplant alive, then growing pot might not be good for you. The cost that it takes to set up and maintain a proper grow room is a lot. And you will make it back in the end with interest, but if your crop fails. your stuck with an abnormally high energy bill.