Marijuana hottie Bleish leaves jail – New Hampshire, Catherine


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Sponsor: – Pot rights hottie Catherine Bleish caught on tape reuniting with her loved ones after she’s arrested protesting the arrest of a marijuana smoker. Note however that she was not arrested for marijuana…rather for her actions defending the rights of those who use it. This happened in Nashua, New Hampshire March 20, 2010. How you can buy an advert on this show http pot marijuana bust ron paul cops ridleyreport arrested new hampshire detained staters cops police free state project jailed activist freed nh amnesty international dave ridley report political prisoners liberty live free or die Catherine Bleish MIAC austin free press activist libertarian prison civil disobedience. LOLA ladies of liberty alliance detainee calendar girls hotties.

25 comments on “Marijuana hottie Bleish leaves jail – New Hampshire, Catherine

  1. massvocals on

    Dis orderly conduct means not having a purpose / making a public disturbance and resisting arresting one must fulling pull away and brake free form the arresting officer YOU have a case i saw the dvd bring counter suit
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  2. reimdrpop111284 on

    She had her camera inches from the cops nose and later against the cop car’s window. If the cop told her to give him some space and get out of the street and onto the sidewalk, and she didn’t, she should get arrested. She could have been charged with interfering with an arrest.

  3. aviomaster on

    USA reminds me of Saudi Arabia where Marijuana is baned completely .
    Serbia Bosnia police if they find you with MArijuana they will just take it from YOU.
    There is no dogs hundred police officers for 10 grams .. This is crazy

  4. moparmaniac21 on

    @mjm4207 listen smart ass, this is supposed to be a free country and the fact is that this is NOT a totally free country. She had every right in the world NOT to give them fingerprints…..did you not hear that the cops told her that if she didnt she would be put in a straight jacket and dragged and beaten?? That is disgusting, wake up!! This country was born on rebellion and freedom and we are making sure it stays that way….if you dont support it then maybe you are the dumbest one my friend.

  5. jbudd on

    a cousin who at the time was 25 mentioned to an officer who was around 40 something… ” you are a loser and I make twice as much as you in a year” .. which is snobby but its true then he got arrested for resisting arrest.

  6. camoflyg on

    @mattwizard123 yeah when they tell you to jump off a cliff you’d do it wouldn’t you, fuck the cop’s pinhead !!

  7. brickman73 on

    this woman is fucken warped..she needs to stay in jail. she spread lies…built by FOX NEWS…glenn beck, rush limbaugh..who are greedy fucks who just want and will do anything to bring the republicans back into they can get rich…the sad truth is..the people the “proclaim” to support and like…they have no use for..other than rapping them..and the rest of the country of their money…dont you find it interesting…that these sick fucks only come into view when democrats are in power

  8. mjm4207 on

    She has got to be the dumbest woman i’ve ever seen or heard!!!
    I guess she needs a purpose.Maybe she should try going to a country where you have no rights what so ever so when she’s doing her little ranting and raving of freedom and rights she’ll find out what police brutality really is!!

  9. libertarianjury on

    I hate these police that can treat a young lady like that so unjustly. Police should quit their jobs if their jobs entail this kind of behavior. Just for that, the drug users should escalate things, and by planting chronic gene-modified super-hardy marijuana everywhere, so the law is impossible to enforce. Same with coca, psilocybin mushrooms, and papaver somniferum. Production is the answer…

  10. robinhoodintn1 on

    just goes to show you what COPS can do they can and will arrest your ass for any charge they come up with it has been proven over and over again ,your not going to win in court aganist a cop there word is the gospel and your a lier according to the judges ,pay the fine ,go to jail,do your time,keep your mouth shut, and maybe just maybe if you get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness then the beating might not be as bad ,mabe a busted jaw,busted nose ,broken arm ,but it could be worse.

  11. sheepdogmilitia on

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy catherine. I knew there were gonna let her out, does anyone know how long she was contained for ?? Long story short were glad to have u back.

  12. mattius83 on

    What crime did they commit? They smoked pot. Who did they hurt? Nobody. This is just another example of our politicians failing to understand that many Americans are arrested for victim-less crimes, which fills our prisons and allows dangerous criminals free. And we wonder: ‘Why are jails overcrowded?’ This also drains time and effort from law enforcement. Instead, crimes, such as burglaries, theft, and murder, which are occurring in our local communities on a daily basis, are left unattended.

  13. FreeinTX on

    You do NOT need an attorney!!!

    $1600 for every minute spent in custody, from the second you were placed under arrest, till the moment you walked out of that door. It is set precedent – $1600 a MINUTE!!!

    Do NOT allow this slimball crook to get off and go back to doing this job to others!

  14. FreeinTX on

    They showed you A law, not THE law.

    Disorderly Conduct is NOT somebody taking loud to a crowd of people telling them to get their papers out and get them ready to show a NAZI cop, or repeating it after being asked to by the officer.

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