Help what do if you know that your parents are using/growing marijuana at home but they havn’t told you.HELP

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mi$$y asked:

Im i5 years old and i went into dads shed and found books about how to grow marijuana and mags about it aswell. i know it’s illegal to have it in australia..i live in australia..and i don’t know what to do
1. should i tell the police?
2. should i just let it go?
3. should i tell someone?
4.should i tell my parents that i know they grow it?
5. should i tell a techer at school?
HELP i really don’t know what to do im only 15 years old.
im scard that if i tell the police they will take me away, they will go to jail,have to pay a BIG fine…im really comfused please help i just found out that they have been growing it. and my parents have a green house and they grow it there and i just relised that is why they didn’t want to to go in there. HELP i really need help…i love them but i think i need to tell someone but i don’t know who,how to bring it up or what will happen to me or them..sorry if this doesn’t makes any sence just im writing it in a hurry just because im scard help!


  1. Johnny says:

    Relax, calm down.

    Have a chat with your parents, it really isn’t that big a deal. Its a topic for a family discussion – not a police matter. Your parents know what they are doing and you should respect and trust them and let them explain.

  2. Karen D says:

    Well the first thing you might want to do is find out if they are taking it for medical reasons as this is sometimes considered to be allowable under doctors orders. If not, then your best bet is to try the police as hard as it would be as they are unlikely to make you responsible for it being that you havent grown it and didnt know about it until recently. Arrangements could be made to make sure your ok. Otherwise you could have health problems and you may never know when the police could come to your place and take away your parents from you.

  3. lovingdaddyof2 says:

    First off, take a breath.

    Now, to get thru this successfully, use biblical principals.

    Principal #1:
    Honor thy Father and Mother.

    In this case that means that you talk to them directly first. Let them know that you know they grow weed. Let them know that you are concerned for them as well for your self. Let them know that you will not go to the police or tell anyone else about it, but that you would like them to stop the practice for everyones well being.

    2. Let them do what they will. They are your parents. Respect their decision and then don’t follow in their mistakes. If they change their ways then you have been a good and faithfull son. If they don’t change and you have still been a good and faithful son.

    That is your role. That will give them the opporunity to change. You grant them no condemnation. You give them grace.

  4. momma b says:

    Talk to your parents about it. Unless you want to end up in a foster home and see your parents in jail. What happens at home should stay at home, despite what school has taught you.

  5. lesje_lcm says:

    you must first talk to them dear, i know your confused and all that but why not try to confront them about that matter!!! they are your parents and they must serve as models to you,,,,parents dont make their children’s lives miserable! if it doesn’t work, then ask help from relatives, but if it doesn’t work still,,,,,it’s time to tell the police!!!!!

  6. ithurtssog002 says:

    u should talk to your parents right away, some people use it for medicinal purposes . to treat depression and some medical conditions, the government of ast has zero tolerance for growers and your parents will have all there property and funds confiscated and you will more then likely go into state custody.. this is a matter better settled between u and your parents not the police

  7. realchurchhistorian says:

    Start with your family. Just let them know you know, and they should talk to you about it. If they do not, then tell them how it makes you feel.

    Try to get a copy of the Bible, and read the Gospel of John. Pray and ask God for wisdom. He will guide you.

  8. ozgurl6827 says:

    Firstly tell your school counsellor or teacher at school. They can tell you the steps you need to taken in complete confidence. If your parents are selling it to other people then they deserve to go to jail. If its just for personal use the police will be less harsh.


    we’ve just had a family in Sydney, Aus, where the kids were found to be in the house with a weed crop…the kids were started to get the effects of living with th crop and their parents (users), where starting to become violent with the effects of using it long term…
    the kids were put into the custady of close relatives…

  9. cutie for life <333 says:

    talk to them first and then ffom there see what happens..

  10. Dylan says:

    There is absolutly nothing worng with it, marijuanna is harmless and there is nothing bad about it unless they are selling to some really shifty types. Just be cool about it and talk to them first if you are still freaked out.

  11. mrshinytooth says:

    DO NOT CALL THE COPS!!!!!!!!

    If they’re cultivating it, calling the cops could result in SERIOUS trouble (i.e- a hefty jail sentence and foster homes for you). Does the situation really bother you? If so, talk to them about it in private. If not, pinch their stash every chance you get :-).

  12. Annie Palmer says:

    I suggest you speak to your parents about what they are doing. If they refuse to listen speak to your grandparents and call the police.