What is your view on medicinal marijuana?

Help what do if you know that your parents are using/growing marijuana at home but they havn’t told you.HELP
September 16, 2010
Government Deals Drugs then Terrorizes Families for Using them
September 16, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
TreeHugger asked:

Do you think that it should be legal or not? Why?

btw, people taking medicinal marijuana are supposed to use a vaporizer or put it in food, so they don’t have the undesirable and detrimental affects from smoking it
e.g. won’t have tar in their lungs


  1. little78lucky says:

    I believe it should be legal I worked health care in a non medical marijuana state and a medical marijuana state and the patients in the medical marijuana state were doing a lot better then the other state where they had to rely on the pills

  2. Morris A says:

    i think it should be used for medical reasons not for recreational use. but it we let people have it for medical purposes they might share it with friends who don’t need it and sell it on the streets. people should look into alternate medicine.

  3. Edana says:

    Im a license holder. I believe that my choice to medicate with marijuana is safer and more effective than the synthetic drugs that I would be taking if not for this alternative. I believe that the reasons most politicians fight to keep it illegal are purely popularity and financial. People seriously need to get over the stigmas and start seeing it for what it is. Sure, the system is abused by people who dont really need it, but so are the prescription drugs. It comes down to whos making money.

  4. mossy says:

    I agree with number three! I believe that it should be available to those that need it for medical reasons. I knew a women, she was a good friend of my moms. She got cervical cancer, she was given a time line for how long she had left. They did radiation, she got really sick from that. And the weed made it better, at least she was not throwing up so much. It is a Natural plant that god put here for us to make use of. And the government needs to understand that they could make it legal, tax the crap out of it, like they do cigarettes and make the government and the country some money. That would pay back the billion dollar check they just wrote for the bail out plan.

  5. sk8ergangsta2003 says:

    It should be legal to all and any adults. Yes of course medical marijuana sure, if it helps the people then of course have it, but it should also be legal for others to use. So if you cant tell im for legalization, and deffinatley for medicinal use…. Oh yeah, and medically there should be no age limit on it. It should be legal to everyone becuase of obvious reasons.

  6. sypher_989 says:

    Marijuana doesn’t contain tar it’s simple chlorophil, plant cells, and THC, but yes vaporizing it does eliminate the carbon burn off and other hot chemicals that burn.

    This isn’t anything wrong with marijuana, it’s simply a herbal plant that happens to have a chemical that relaxes and works with human chemistry (THC) I believe it should be legal medically as well as more then medical, (research, meditative, relative) It’s effects don’t harm you in anyway like tobacco which gives u a buzz and leave you wanting more. Marijuana simply calms you while speeding up ur metabolical system, while at the same time relaxing muscles and numbing pain.

  7. doctrine-mouse says:

    Well it is much better then using a “Oxycontin” or some other related drugs for pain.