Detecting female & male marijuana plants

Can someone explain why Michigan passed a law approving medicinal marijuana but it’s still illegal to possess?
September 16, 2010
Help what do if you know that your parents are using/growing marijuana at home but they havn’t told you.HELP
September 16, 2010
DroInDaWind asked:

Marijuana growing – cultivation articles, marijuana seeds, pictures and FAQs. All about marijuana, learn how to grow weed. Detecting female marijuana plants


  1. HordeWTFPWNER says:

    so males are bada n wont give smokkable weed?, whats bad about a hermaphriite

  2. leeea7x says:

    dude have you not learned anything from prohibition..all it would do if you criminalized ciggarets would make gangs…and ciggs will never be illegal because the USA makes billions of dollars from it. and if lets say were i lived, if canada didnt want anymore ciggerettes the US would go to war with us..and that goes for all countries. you cant pick and choose

  3. runes3ape says:

    thats the best woman ive ever seen :O

  4. crzycody777 says:

    free the weed man

  5. DC180 says:

    who are those fools who tried to cut out the pollen sacks off the male hoping that it would turn into female? lol

  6. mentalpatientMp says:

    put the seed in a glass or room temp water. Wait a couple of days and it should sprout.

  7. K1NGbeast900 says:

    if its a male, fuck it strip it of leaves, grind em up and smoke it….it still gets you high.

  8. K1NGbeast900 says:

    just put it in the soil, water, and leave it alone with the light on of course (your choice of hours), i have grown 4 plants all in 3 days, just by doing that.

  9. jhsgs says:

    sooooo damn tru my nig..

  10. GanjaaKid says:

    if i discover one is male by what you’ve shown me can i grow it seperatle to produce seeds???

  11. bandito08 says:

    ya man, weed is a billion dollar idust. every year, imagine if we legalized it and taxed it. america wouldnt be in debt we can use that money for health care or something important besides this war. plus people would be less stressed out and uptight. just saying

  12. poshymon says:

    i fuckin agree with you its bullshit

  13. stoage says:

    legalize weeds let dumb asses who want to smoke cancer sticks smoke

  14. trabzonludeli says:

    whats the name of the song at the beginning??

  15. northkev2 says:

    i got a plant and it is like 3 weeks old but i see spiderweb like hairs on it is it a female?

  16. theangel37 says:

    good looking on the how to tell the difference between male and female, very simple now thanks to your video!!!!!!!

  17. tingly7654321 says:

    first you get a wet washcloth and surround the seeds with it then put it in a dim area about 75 degrees and wait maybe 1-3 days

  18. lbigdaddy420 says:

    are you serious how do you get any seed to sprout plant it lol come on now

  19. BooshgaFilms says:

    so wots wrong with male plants?
    why remove them?
    cant u extact the oils?
    thats wot i wood do
    make some luvly sticky black=)
    good vid keep it up=)

  20. Elliottjo says:

    get a plastic bowl of something with a lid take a few paper towls and soak them in boling water don’t worry they won’t dissolve then take your seeds and rap them up in the paper towls place these in you plastic container seal it set it up and out of the way some place warm and dark and in 48 hrs you should have roots sprouting after 72 hrs you should have 4 inch roots happy growing

  21. ChannelAqdemx says:

    ok and if its a male and i cut off it’s top and put it in the water and wait for its roots and then put it in the ground as a new flower..will I have a male again?

  22. Galllos says:

    well weed might cause you other problems such as mental disorders but only after heavy abuse and only in a minority of people so im with you its much better that cigarettes or any tobacco product. plus by legalizing it would mean a big hit to the cartels as they would loose half of their market. its on the interest of global economy

  23. loubar68 says:

    whats wrong with male plants? they dont bud or get you stoned?