How does someone go about getting a medicinal marijuana license?

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September 26, 2010
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September 27, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
DonDon asked:

My girls friend has been talking about he is waiting for his medicinal marijuana (cannabis) license I believe thats the correct name for the license. What i’d like to know is how do you go about getting one. Like what kind of sickness do you have to have. In other words what lie to have to feed to you doc in order for him to handover a prescription?
Thanks Jen thats very helpful and the rest of you acid taking motherfukers calling us weed smokers druggies if you aint going to state facts and not write dumbshit like ya 12 go back to your free porn websites. you faggots


  1. garramonster11 says:

    You retarded idiot. Its only for people with chronic problems. I absolutely despise drugs. This should be deleted

  2. mrniceguy1456 says:

    Just go to a doctor who is willing to wite out a note to the clinic, thats all

  3. Duncan M says:

    i think if you dont eat they give it to you

  4. Połska says:

    i believe you have to get a perscription for 10 mg of ill-eagle and ask for two refills every 1 week.

  5. x150riderx says:

    im not answering this b/c weed is bad and your probably a pot head that dosent want to get caught smoking weed illeagly…im only answering for my 2 points

  6. Alexis S says:

    It depends on your state. A lot of states have outlawed the use of medical marijuana and mostly it’s people with cancer I believe that are able to gain prescriptions from a medical doctor.

  7. Ryabn W says:

    you really only get it if your in incredible pain and about to die, you get it for glaucoma, and AIDS, and other deadly diseases but its hard to get a liscense, your not going to get one easy you dumb f*** smoke it illegaly

  8. Dave says:

    you wouldnt be able to just lie about it. you need physical proof that the only thing that will relieve the pain of whatever you have effectively is marijuana. and it would have to be something serious.

  9. ChUcKy "D says:

    bang your head against a wall many times, to put yourself into a lot of pain. and then go to the doctors. :O

  10. pbemps says:

    I don’t think this is a very good idea. And even if you told the doc that you have *cough-cough*SERIOUS PAIN/INJURY the only way I would see to make 100% sure you get the license would be to hurt yourself really really really really badly….good luck with that

  11. Missapie says:

    Since they can test for almost anything, I think you’re SOL. Don’t be a loser druggie 😛

    And they know when people are going in just to get drugs (like pain killers), so I’d bet a lot that they know when people are just trying to get this crap.

    And considering what that is, I’d bet you’d have to go through some pretty extensive testing and blah blah blah

  12. Brown eyes says:

    go to Jamaica

  13. Jen says:

    Well, its not a license, but I’ll try to explain. First you see a Dr. who writes a recommendation for it, which in itself gives you the right to use, grow, carry, etc. It is OPTIONAL to get a card from your county. The card does not offer additional protection or rights, it just allows the government to keep track of who’s doing it. Any medical treatment and medication recommendation are protected under privacy laws, but if you get the card, you give permission for the government to access your health record for any purpose they see fit (even prosecution). As far as the health problems, they include but are not limited to cancer, AIDS, arthritis, sleep/mental/appetite disorders, and just about anything involving chronic pain. To my knowledge they don’t even check your records to verify it, they just write the recommendation. But my best advise, if you don’t want to be harrassed by the government, get the prescription, but don’t get the card!

  14. Falmaata T says:

    out of all i think Jen have the best perspetive on this issue, a Great answer!

  15. ecuapride92 says:

    i saw a documentary on National Geographic a couple months ago, it covered this. I specifically remember one guy… he hurt his FINGER from a log falling on it FIVE YEARS BEFORE… and they gave him a license!!! (this is California!!! the state with the most lenient marijuana laws…)

    if you dont believe me, look it up on youtube or something, its called “Marijuana Nation”