John Boehner In Tears During Victory Speech

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September 24, 2010
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September 24, 2010
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November 02, 2010 MSNBC


  1. Boston1775 says:

    fuck you messnbc

  2. jvforever72 says:

    He’s just getting all misty because he gets to wield a larger gavel now

  3. Borobluedog says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist – I agree. The repubs. must know that the election was not a confirmation of republican (neocon) ideas. It was simply Lady Liberty saying ” I’m back and I’m really pissed.”

  4. Borobluedog says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist – I agree,. Well John, you got the talking part done. We will wait and see. Be prepared to find a new line of work. This is not a mandate. This is a revolution.

  5. North2016 says:

    This man is another corrupt Career politician, he will continue to side with lobbyist & special interest govt. insiders to create more WARS! The Federal Reserve will continue to print money out of “thin-air” & Congress will just sit back and increase there Congressional pay to around 300,000.

    More Govt. spending! Oh, I thought the GOP was against spending & less govt. intervention? Oh, so you can pick & choose what should or should not be a federal issue?

    Hypocrisy at its best!

  6. North2016 says:

    ** CRIES*** I have worked every rotten job there was… tell that to almost 300 million Americans who do that everyday!

    Boehner, you are not special! Use someone else as a crying shoulder, not the American people! You & the Democraps have destroyed this economy, we are hurting because our elected officials are working for monopolistic corporations (Banks, Tobacco companies, Blackwater) & Govt. institutions including PRIVATE CENTRALIZED ones (Federal Reserve)..

    Go with Pelosi & take a hike…

  7. MauriMe says:

    FAKE AND GAY!!!!

  8. A86 says:

    @Krumaryful – “the race card………black people are more racist than anyone!”

    Thank you for exposing your own hypocrisy. So it’s not okay to call white people racist but it’s okay to call black people racist. BTW I dare you to quantify that black people are supposedly more racist.

  9. A86 says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist – A conservative with a fucking brain! THANK YOU!

    None of these pricks in either party give a flying FUCK. It’s amusing reading comments from people who actually believe the Republicans (or the Democrats for that matter) will actually do shit for them.

  10. Krumaryful says:

    @SpinThis1 A h, the race card, it’s what you play when you got nothing else. Knock it off, don’t be pathetic. BTW black people are more racist than anyone! You can’t blame all the economic problems on GOP, the Dems controlled Congress since 06. Do you know how the govt works. Do you know Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are on record refusing to investigate Fannie and Freddy. They thought it would be great for “everyone” to have a home! That’s why our economy tanked, the Dems!! Get informed!

  11. ThePoliticalPugilist says:

    @tHeWasTeDYouTh excellent argument good sir. you are the hallmark of intellect and critical thinking.

    /slaps knee

  12. North2016 says:

    America get ready… The RepublCunts & DemoCRAPS will work together to vote AGAINST you! & continue to fear-monger you into believing that you are in danger, the propaganda machine will continue to support Pro- Zionist AIPAC lobbyist in Washington D.C & continue the Bush administrations erosion of civil liberties & continue to be PRO-govt & increase more federal govt. institutions of “Anti-terrorism”

    Oh & the Federal Reserve? It will continue to be, they are our slave masters!

    So sad…

  13. North2016 says:

    @rts4761 Yea, sure just like they “tried” to pass it while having control of Congress & the Presidency for 8 years? Oh & they will pass it because the Democraps control the Senate & the Presidency?

    Audit the Fed will be watered down, if it does get passed!

    Folks we are headed for a Depression!

  14. bjphysics says:

    It is interesting to observe how, even in victory, conservatives are able to post irrational comments on youtube. Before the election I thought their irrationality was fueled by pure hate; it appears here, that even when they are happy they are irrational. Maybe their irrationality is intrinsic to malformation of the brain.

    Note below how two get into it based on not reading carefully.

    DWD: Drunk While Posting.

  15. bjphysics says:


    I’m not crying, Boehner is crying. No crying from me; election outcome has been known for months (see Real Clear Politics site) and fully expected. The content of my posts would be the same irrespective of the election; the only thing the election did was give Boehner an opportunity to drink too much and get on camera.

  16. rts4761 says:

    @tHeWasTeDYouTh all is forgiven, friend!

  17. rts4761 says:

    @North2016 now that gop has the house it’s time to audit the fed. ron paul introduced legislation to do just that and it has a lot of sponsors in the house. stand up and be counted.

  18. tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    @rts4761 my bad, going to buy you a russian prostitute to make it up to you

  19. rts4761 says:

    @tHeWasTeDYouTh i wasn’t talkin’ about boehner, moron. i am a constitutional conservative and voted a straight republican ticket.

  20. tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    @rts4761 he won fuckface, epic fail for you

  21. tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist hey go suck a dick asshole. John “Boner” Boehner is a REAL Republican not a pussy ass conservative

    he is going to kick ass and take names in Washington

  22. rts4761 says:

    @bjphysics bwaaaaaah poor little baby. better keep a cryin’ towel handy for yourself, loser.

  23. rts4761 says:

    @KILLwhitepeople7 psychotic much? no, not much. not too much. NOT MUCH TOO MUCH!!!!!!

  24. rts4761 says:

    @ThePoliticalPugilist you on the other hand, fellate homeless guys for free every day.

  25. kuber321 says:

    got the tears from glenn becks book lol