Seattle’s New City Attorney Not Prosecuting Marijuana Bust Under 40 Grams

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September 24, 2010
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September 24, 2010
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  1. HorrorAngel666 says:

    Of course they take the bag, they are the ones who put it on the street. Thats more money for them.

  2. boobiekinns says:

    They keep on making acceptions to weed JUST FUCKIN LEGALIZE IT ALREADY

  3. fawkthescene666 says:

    i love seattle, lots of stoners

  4. seahawks37tds says:

    @WiiGeee someones been doing their homework.agreed

  5. dogslayer5 says:

    i got caought with about 0.7 in seattle but they ilegaly searched me i think caouse my friend got caught stealing in store when i was with him so they searched me to and found that dumb ass mother fucker geting me caought up lol

  6. WiiGeee says:

    a bit more than 17 years, but yes. It has failed completely at keeping people from using drugs, all its doing is filling prisons, wasting tax dollars, creating drug cartels, and throwing people in jail for choosing to put something in their body.
    Watch “American Drug War: The Last White Hope”. It is a wonderfull look at the drug war. Another good one is “The Union: The business of getting high”, it actually includes Norman Stamper, former Seattle Police Chief speaking against prohibition.

  7. AfricanMadman says:

    Man, the whole “War on Drugs” campaign is just a sick joke for the past 17 years…..

  8. WiiGeee says:

    The only crime pot makes you commit is possession of pot. 90% (pulled from ass) of the crime associated with drugs (all drugs, not just pot) is because its illegal. Do you think the mexican border towns would be warzones if it were legal? They are the modern Chicago during alcohol prohibition. Prohibition creates crime, not THC. Im sure you would agree alcohol prohibition was a failure, so ask yourself whats so different about cannabis prohibition?

  9. WiiGeee says:

    ive been doing that anyway. SPD dont give a fuck.

  10. bluevidcam says:

    should just be a federal law. Under 40 grams = no bust and no harassment.

  11. itoldyounolies says:

    @SmashedBobNoPants until a fed shows up

  12. xxEROxxSENNINxx says:

    I support your suggestion!!!!!

  13. dedecus says:

    This is great news for Seattle, Its every, EVERY human beings right to consume or alter anything to their body as it is theirs. People fail to understand the fact is this is all about Control, Control over what you can put into your body and what your brain thinks for we all know Hallucinogenics alter your state of thinking so therefore its a form of mind control. To limit what your mind will think!

  14. spakuloid says:

    about fucking time

  15. MaryJesusJoseph says:

    Good for him.

  16. SmashedBobNoPants says:

    does this mean you can smoke a J while walking the street?

  17. dude12nothin says:

    @sx200ser Thank you sir for you great suggestion. That really would be the best solution.

  18. sx200ser says:

    we need reform at the federal level on this issue. they should tax it at the federal level and regulated by the state, that still leaves room for the state to op out and prohibit it completely. but it would send a strong message to the states make it legal so we can tax it. make it like beer and tobacco

  19. marcellogentile1 says:

    Good point.
    Police and judges should not waste time ad money with pot smokers

  20. whoo689 says:

    Where do certain legislators come up with these arbitrary caps on how much pot a person can have without a fine or prosecution? Is 40 grams all of a sudden the “danger zone” or somethin??o.O

  21. AfricanMadman says:

    Here’s that change our folks on caital hill was talking about….

    More drugs on the streets, and more crime for the cops to feast upon…..

  22. bigc028282 says:

    Hope and Change is dead, and this in the same day. WOW!

  23. TheSkinzilla says:

    @Newfie4646, the Harper government is the worst thing going for marijuana. His Bill C15 will send someone to jail for a MINIMUM of 9 months if they’re caught with 6 or more plants. Nobody in organized crime would grow less than 100 plants, so this Bill will end up throwing a lot of people in jail that are simply growing for their own supply. He wants to follow the American model of the war on drugs, yet America is waking up to it’s failures(especially in regards to pot).

  24. mephesh says:

    War on drugs is a joke and a waste of tax payers money.