Marijuana Growing Time Lapse

do you think all drugs should be legalized,tell me your opinion?
September 24, 2010
John Boehner In Tears During Victory Speech
September 24, 2010
Madkiller9 asked:

Watch The Marijuana Plant Grow


  1. dismemberedANDmolese says:

    @TOPCOx64 lights going on and off

  2. DontFearTheReeper24 says:

    @iB0X3R You can’t be serious!? If weed was legalized life wouldn’t be so shitty

  3. boyInDaUno says:

    @TOPCOx64 the cycle of day and night make em dance G 😉 peace

  4. TOPCOx64 says:

    why do the leaves raise and lower, like they’re “pulsing”?

  5. Fryman416 says:

    thats so cool how it just stretches over the days



  6. lancethrustworthy says:

    The leaves looked pretty broad, so I’m guessing it was a bunch of indica stuff. Pretty!

  7. walzy00 says:

    wow im stoned

  8. bontono says:

    im sick and tired of all theese mother fucking pop ups on this piece of shit website you faggets call youtube if this shit doesnt stop im gonna flip the fuck out on all you mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pewetang says:

    Check out my plants. i’m using FOX FARM products so far the plants coming out well.

    search. “Pewetang”

  10. andrewcovetsall2009 says:

    man, i thought the last one i seen was awesome. this one takes the hashcake

  11. PieceofMindmusic says:

    or at least dicrimminalize

  12. Kaandorpius says:

    I want to flag inappropriate flaggers,…

  13. SiouxSyndicate says:


  14. crackrazorraidor says:

    depends where u live bro, but probably not

  15. JakeChaos666 says:

    sixteen hours a day
    and twelve a day for flowering

  16. iliyaa says:

    Can you start a new marijuana plant from seed outdoors during summer. Its july 21st would you be able to start a plant?

  17. rayd408 says:

    how would you get caught growing how can you keep the DEA away?

  18. armytaskforce11x says:

    i love marijuana shes allways there when times are hard 🙂

  19. kassaelias0608 says:

    if it’s legalized niggaz wont be making money.

  20. ramzini620 says:

    legalize it!

  21. ak47su1321 says:

    dude…watch uit while high,,,lol yu didnt show budding!

  22. G0Ld3nKing101 says:

    LMFAO, that was FUNNY.

  23. SunshineKMJJ says:

    fucking heaven

  24. Npowell01 says:

    While I agree with your point, you’re not stoned.

    You’re just retarded.

    When I type while high, it never looks like that.