Marijuana growing help?

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September 8, 2010
does goldenseal work for a marijuana test? I have quit smoking cold turkey but i need to pass for a job?
September 8, 2010
outdoor marijuana
david asked:

So i started one of my outdoor plant about a week ago, and i just transplanted it from a small pot to a 10 gallon container which i am burying outdoors. I am broke as a joke but seemed to get enough good soil from a tomato garden to use and i also put a thin layer of rocks at the bottom for drainage. my question is that i heard that dead organic material seemed to help the growing process with putting nitrogen back in the soil or something. i had a pile of dead grass from mowing my lawn and put a layer of that above the layer of rock, and then went the soil. does this seem like a descent set-up or can anyone give me any other tips? thanks again in advance for taking the time to help me.
Thanks donut for your input, but just for everyones info i live in California and yes i have my card so it is all legitimate. thanks again =)


  1. donutqueen says:

    I don’t know where you live, but growing marijuana around here is not legal, and you will be arrested for growing it, and your crop will be destroyed. You also run the risk of your home being confiscated when you are caught. Also recognize that if you let even one other person know that you are growing it, there is the possibility that the information will get spread around, and it will find it’s way to the police.

  2. Matthew D says:

    Remember, Cannabis is a weed. It will grow to spite you. Just make sure it gets enough moisture and you’re in for some grade-A chit! 🙂