does goldenseal work for a marijuana test? I have quit smoking cold turkey but i need to pass for a job?

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September 8, 2010
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September 8, 2010
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mviolette31 asked:

what is the difference between the pill and tea? does it matter if it shows up that i took goldenseal? its not illegal to take. i could be taking it for a cold or for a herbal remedy. i do not want to take any of that other detox stuff, because it does not work.. i failed a test last week by buying Vales/ Terminater Gold.. thats a joke


  1. bigbird says:

    Most tests will look for a masking agent.

  2. frannylee19 says:

    take cranberry pills and drink lots of water it helps clean out your urinary track or you can drink about fifteen to tweety beers and pee it out that way too. but the pills are the key it worked for me.