Would you take marijuana for medicinal purposes ? I understand it is not addictive ?

medicinal marijuana?
September 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
jalady asked:

Some states have made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes.
If you thought it would help would you take it to help your condition?
Now I have been told by doctors if you do not have an addictive, personality and do not want to become addictive to anything there is hardly a chance you will let anything take over your life so that you become a permanent heavy pot smoker
For Adults only.


  1. bonelessrudd says:

    I smoke alot of weed…..not exactly for medicanal purposes…but for the fun purpose 😉

  2. Barf Turd says:

    i don’t smoke, but if I had cancer i probably would. i’d do heroin too.

  3. Razzle says:

    yes…and i do…not addicted yet!

  4. KA says:

    sure, it is not a big problem.

  5. Harley Lady says:

    I would take anything my doctor ordered if I thought it was going to help.

  6. foosieboy1953 says:

    what doctor told you that? i work with males and females everyday..who are hooked on marijuana… and wish the heck they had never touched the stuff. also look up gateway drug… do some research

  7. Kev L says:

    I would.I tried marijuana as a teenager and never became addicted to it,so if it helped a certain medical condition why not.

  8. cjb330 says:

    im not an adult, but i would take it if it would cure me for whatever purpose.

  9. gjhgjhg says:

    I probably would, if my condition was serious and it was necessary.

  10. Damn ™ It Stubby Is Back! says:

    yes but only for that!

  11. StephenWeinstein says:

    States neither have made it legal nor can make it legal.

    California made it no longer a violation of STATE law there, but it remains a violation of FEDERAL law everywhere in the U.S.

    No, I would not take it.

  12. yarbrough.1924 says:

    it is not addictive. and scotch is not addictive. and the no. 5 combo cheese triple supersize at mcdonald’s is not addictive. but there are consequences.

  13. tricianglen@sbcglobal.net says:

    if marijuana was my last choice. but i think that marijuana is highly addictive. I have had some of my friends make comments like. They wont have sex unless they are high. or nothing seems real. besides from being cancerous-that is one side effect I would not choose.

  14. PHILLIP B says:

    I would if there wasn’t anything else out there that hepled

  15. panndabear00 says:

    wow this is stupid, whos ur doctor n e ways?!?!?! ur doctor shouldnt be a doctor… marijuana is addictive!!!!! dont take it even for medical purposes!! its not good for u

  16. Christina Houston says:

    Yes. It helps tremendously, and can save your life. I have seen it save the life of a cancer-victim I know, and I thank God for marijuana. Also, it is TRUE that it is NOT addictive, which is a good thing, although, smoking weed is very fun 🙂

  17. artemis316 says:

    its only used as a last resort to jump start the body similar to breathing CO2 when hyperventilating into a paper bag to alert the body to return to equilibrium.

  18. Bubblez says:

    I asked my Biology teacher the same question! Its if you have cancer and and undergo kimo therapy or radiation and are going through so much pain that you need that high not to think of the apin. Weird huh?

  19. Bayou Baby says:

    From personal experience, I found marijuana to be psychologically addictive. Also, it tends to way heavy on other parts of you life you may hold dear, like motivation.

  20. Bo-Dean says:

    I might, if it were the only thing that worked.

    The problem with medicinal marijuana is that a lot of doctors go overboard in prescribing it, and they start enabling people who just want to get high.
    San Francisco has had a HUGE problem with this.

  21. joyce_i68 says:

    well anything can be addictive if you let yourself get addicted but marijuana really is not addictive its all in your mind if you want to quit you can but if its medical and you need it than try it and see if it helps you cause it does help with several differant things

  22. Heather W says:

    I have for fun(when I was young) and I would for medicinal and will when the kids are out of the house.

  23. Cammie says:

    You are right. MJ is NOT addictive.It should be completely legal.Not just for medical reasons.I would take it in a medical situation. I have a friend who is dying of cancer. She is so small she is almost emaciated.It would be great if she could get her appetite back.
    If you have an addictive personality, you can become addicted to anything- exercise, hot baths, ice cream, cookies or cleaning !

  24. D'archangel says:

    Actually, doctors have been able to prescribe marijuana for some time; it was once a common treatment for glaucoma. It’s mainly social stigma in the way of medical marijuana now.

    As for addictiveness, marijuana is psychologically addictive — pretty much anything can be. When people say that it isn’t addictive, what they really mean is that it isn’t _tolerance producing_. Tolerance is that quality of a drug that causes one to become resistant to its effects, thus requiring progressively larger doses to achieve the same effect. Tolerance is why people who are addicted to “hard” drugs like heroin eventually die of overdoses if they don’t get clean; the dose that they need to get high inevitably becomes large enough to kill them. Marijuana does not produce tolerance, and so there’s no chance of overdosing on it.

  25. fiofunk says:

    Of course I would take it medically. There is no harm done to the environment when growing marijuana, and no real side effects from using. Why wouldn’t someone take it!?
    There are more people (in America) addicted to prescription pain killers than all of the illegal drugs combined….
    That makes me think any alternatives (to pill-popping) are worth checking out.

  26. Jeff says:

    Yes. I believe that addiction is in your personality. I have been heavy into everything but quit just like that including cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. I don’t believe in addiction. If you truly want to quit something, it shouldn’t be as hard as people make it sound. Marijuana is grown from the earth unlike the other illegal drugs that people abuse. There should be a set age limit to purchase and laws with it. But to answer the question, Yes, I believe it is helpful for medicinal purposes.

  27. Mariah T says:

    Well i think if your really in pain you should. Like some woman with Cancer, they take it to relieve the pain. I think you will not become addictive if you really know what the purpose is for, and that is to relieve something that hurts. If you don’t have an addictive personality the chance is you won’t become addictice. But if you really think that you will become hooked to it you really shouldn’t try it. Maybe try something else that will help you. Talk to your doctor and see if he has any other thing to recomend. I hope this answer helps you!

  28. dodgeboynorwich says:

    i got addicted to the herb allthough i think its a personalty thing i got to the point where i lost my job not because of being lasy but for abusive/threating behaviour becuase i could not cope with out it and i threatened a manager/shift runner because i thought she was being nasty but it was me not high at work just becareful doing it for whatever reason dont get to the stage of smoking a joint on work breaks becasue when you get used to it you may regret trying to stop smoking it at work i now have mental health problems and dope made things worse i was a silly stoner once off the pot life does become depressing well more depressing i was at the point where a joint would not make me feal better at least i was not one of them stoners that started smoking it in my childhood i had a job b 4 i started smoking

  29. JDubs says:

    Marijuana, first of all, is not as bad to smoke as most people think it is. I could give you all the reasons and facts why not, but that would take forever, but I will if you want me to (e-mail me).

    Marijuana should be smoked by those that need it. Yes, I believe that marijuana should be smoked by those that find the most benefit from it, and need it for medicine. I have several things that I take it for, and it has not created anything that I need to take something for.

    Your doctors are absolutely right. Most of them know the truth behind marijuana and would be the best people to ask about it.

  30. sa_2006 says:

    No for sure

  31. Terry J says:

    Well lets see…

    it is not legal federally anywhere in the US….

    I would take anything if I were dying and it required it to make my last days liveable…..

    Marijuana is highly addictive, although it is a psychological addiction with many sided effects… if I were dying what difference would a side effect make?

    Many people can control a potentially addictive substance if they want to bad enough, but just as many cannot.

    For those who attempt to justify pot use due to its “natural” production should be aware that virtually all of our drugs have a natural starting point, so that old dog really wont hunt.

    I kinda like the poster that said, pot isn’t addictive, and neither is his scotch or that cheeseburger, but all have consequences to their use. Good statement….

    just my 2 cents

  32. eric p says:

    NO it’s illegal for some reason., and I’m a professional truck driver, so if I can’t pass a drug screen, no job for me

  33. parkermbg says:

    you are foolish to think that it is not addictive! that is just denial,…

    however-i had a sister that went through horrible cancer and the herb really helped her nausia.

    would i personally smoke it for medicinal purposes? i really hope i never get to a point where i have to answer that question!