medicinal marijuana?

Alternative intake of medicinal marijuana?
September 17, 2010
Would you take marijuana for medicinal purposes ? I understand it is not addictive ?
September 17, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
to write love on her arms asked:

I’m 14 and just courious about this (no I do not smoke it), anyway, I understand that marijunana is illegal and all but medicinal marijunana is given to people with glachoma, but how do you get glachoma…I mean if you could get it by poking yourself with a stick in the eye, then wouldnt a lot of people do that to not have to risk getting arrested for smoking it illegally?
I know people would be stupid for doing it but theyre also stupid for smoking it in the first place


  1. Legalize not Legal Lies says:

    Marijuanas actual not as harmful as people stereotype it as.I mean come on…it has countless medical benefits that even anti-marijuana people would admit to. it only became illegal in 1937 or 1938 because it was believed to elevate crime rate and deaths when really there has never been a death directly linked to marijuana use. Crack, Cocaine, Alcholhol, Heroin, Meth (all manmade and all bad an CAN mess someone up). Marijuana is just a naturally grown plant not even messed wit by man eccept if its been laced.

    As foe medicinal marijuana, it has many health benefit look it up or research it. That should help

  2. musstoffa says:

    marijauna is not used to help treat glachoma but to regian an apitite that the treatment has taken away. the munchies as it is usually refered to. there is an alternitive to using marijuana for the same reason. it is called marinal it is a pill that is legal and is proven to help regain apitites. the only problem with this alternative is how expensive it is.

  3. Jarrett R says:

    don’t believe to lies about marijuana being horrible for you or not having any medicinal purposes. One of the head doctors at the Harvard Medical School (as in the Ivy league school) is the most prominent advocates for the legalization of marijuana. His name is Lester Grinspoon and his proven that marijuana is a miracle drug for many different diseases. A quick quote from him “Marijuana is a remarkably safe and non-toxic drug that can effectively treat about 30 different conditions,” he tells WebMD. “I predict it will become the aspirin of the 21st century, as more people recognize this.”

    The reason why marijuana is given to glaucoma patients is because it causes less pressure in the optic nerve (glaucoma is caused by pressure on the optic nerve). The reason why people don’t give themselves glaucoma so they can get marijuana is because no one that likes marijuana is that stupid. Marijuana doesn’t cause any neurological damage or any brain damage.

    If you do any simple google search for medicinal marijuana or studies on marijuana, you will find that they always find no harm. There is only one harm from marijuana, which is the chemicals from smoking it (which can be taken out if it is put in food, tea, or vaporized). Stop listening to all these idiots on this answers thing who consistently say facts they can not prove and do some research yourself. Read up on it yourself, at the primary sources.

    Here are a list of Medical Organizations who endorse medical marijuana:
    * Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    * American Academy of Family Physicians
    * American Public Health Association
    * American Psychiatric Association
    * American Nurses Association
    * British Medical Association
    * AIDS Action
    * American Academy of HIV Medicine
    * Lymphoma Foundation of America
    * Health Canada