Why do you choose or choose not to support the legalization of medicinal marijuana by state law?

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September 2, 2010
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September 2, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
A.B asked:

Would you support or vote for the legalization of marijuana for federal law also? This is a serious issue, I feel we could save a lot of pain and suffering around the country and help some important illnesses. It does more positive than negative when you think about the tax money that goes to “marijuana offenders” in prison, health benefits, violence and crime, and again most importantly the health aspects. Have you given any thought to this?


  1. Popeye420 says:

    I would vote yes, and will vote yes this year for legalization in California if the bill meets the deadline.

    For every argument against Cannabis I can provide an argument for and back it up with RECENT scientific studies.

  2. Aleks says:

    I don’t understand how we can have state and federal laws directly contradicting each other.

    I would vote yes for federal law.

  3. Alex A says:

    Another yes vote here, especially if it can help someone deal with a medical condition. I personally don’t use it nor would I condone it for just getting high off of but using it for legitimate medical reasons is a whole different story and it shouldn’t be denied to those people. If it’s not legalized those who abuse it will find ways to get it illegally just as they have ever since it was outlawed in the US.There are a lot deadlier things out there than marijuana that are readily available and or perfectly legal which can be a danger to you whether you abuse or misuse them or not. Some of those can include cigarettes, alcohol, cars, jealous ex boyfriends, etc. Alcohol beverages don’t have any real medical benefits despite what some people have tried to tell me and it was legalized again after the prohibition but anyway, yes, let’s be reasonable and legalize marijuana for the people who can benefit from it’s use as a medicine.

  4. Adams says:

    I choose support,seems not bad