Howard Hessman Comedy Skit (1080p HD) BILLY JACK Classic Clips

Why do you choose or choose not to support the legalization of medicinal marijuana by state law?
September 2, 2010
Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?
September 2, 2010
BillyJackRights asked:

RARE BILLY JACK PHOTOS/VIDS DAILY: ================================================================ Howard Hessman Comedy Skit Howard Hessman was a member of the comedy group The Committee, based in San Francisco. This skit was part of the regular act. The whole family, and many friends, went to see the show in Santa Monica, CA, in early 1970, before shooting on ‘Billy Jack’ started back up. We thought they were hysterical. Tom agreed and put this and the park scene in the film. –You can sure help us out by letting folks know about us on Facebook, Twitter, or by a link to our website below. Thank you for your help! NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE BILLY JACK PHOTOS POSTED DAILY: WEEKLY EMAIL LIST SIGNUP (update of all photos/videos): ————————————————————- Copyright © 2010 Billy Jack Rights, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Billy Jack Rights, LLC. is the worldwide rights holder in all the Billy Jack films. We publish stories about the making of the films, and never-seen-before pictures from behind the scenes every day.

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