What is your opinion on Medicinal Marijuana?

do you think we should legalise all drugs from pot to speed,whats your thoughts?
September 23, 2010
Possible Marijuana Allergy?
September 23, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
PR asked:

What do you think?
Cancer/AIDS/HIV aside; for migraines/headaches? Chronic pain?


  1. dmonsta says:

    im moving to california

  2. ? says:

    People with in a lot of pain from cancer or something else like that should be allowed relief from pain.

  3. Me says:

    it is the first step it the legalization of marijuana for recreational use … i also think that its a way for Cali to make money …. and further more i am not going to complain about it … oh ya it should also be prescribed for even more minor things

  4. Az R says:

    It’s a good idea. There are several conditions for which it does have legitimate uses – however it’s not a substance I ever would like to see being used recreationally.

    There’s a lot of logistical problems in the way of implementing such a system. I’m in California, and work around a fair number of doctors and virtually none of them have ever had a request for medical marijuana by someone who didn’t intend to abuse it, or was already abusing it illegally. By all reports, the California system is rife with abuse, and it seems based on anecdotal reports from doctors involved in it that the vast majority of people using it are not people who need it – essentially they’re just in the system for a semi-legal high.

    I’ve yet to hear a way to properly address this in any medical marijuana system implemented in the states, or any proposal about one – how do we screen out the people with mental illness, keep the substance out of the hands of underage folk and drug addicts? These are all populations that the clinical data is very clear should not have easy access to this substance. Without addressing these any system is going to be utterly plagued by abuse if implemented in a more legal area than the grey area it currently lives in inside the US.

    The clinical data on migraine is very poor – there’s mixed indication on wether or not it’s good. However, we have excellent drugs for migraine and there’s absolutely no legitimate reason to use marijuana. The same goes for traditional headaches – plenty of drugs with nothing in the way of abuse potential.

    Again, with chronic pain, the data also isn’t very good unless treating something along the lines of above cancer pain where there’s an impairment of appetite.

  5. EFF! says:

    i think any ailment that is relieved by marijuana should be enough to get a prescription. recreational users, long timer users, usually do it for a reason or it helps them function better with their personal aches/pains or eccentricities.
    i’ve read studies that show marijuana actually plays a protective role in the bodys fight against MS and tumors…cannabinoids naturally occur in every human body which is more than can be said for acetaminophen…

  6. chris p says:

    I just think all in all it should be legalized… I mean there are way more harmful drugs out their…. alcohol In my opinion in more harmful. LEGALIZE IT! 🙂

  7. William T says:

    The most current data indicates that marijuana only relieves symptoms and it does nothing for the underlying causes. This means that it only makes medical sense in terminal patients. Also, there are non-hallucinogenic drugs that accomplish all of the same tasks without making the patient high, and yet people still choose medical marijuana. I think there is more going with medical marijuana than the circumstances people claim. It isn’t the best medicine for any ailment, it doesn’t cure what people take it for, and it makes you high. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to figure out why people take it. It’s not that different from a person with depression self medicating with alcohol, except it’s getting pubic approval.

  8. k labla says:

    I think all pot is great.