Possible Marijuana Allergy?

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September 23, 2010
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September 23, 2010
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Yeahhahayeah asked:

I’m an avid concert attender, and well, a frequent activity at concerts would be the people toking up. I’ve gone to outdoor venues with minimal effects, but as soon as I went to my first indoor arena I felt something weird. The people next to me decided to smoke a joint after every song; my throat got really sore (or swollen, I can’t tell), and it felt difficult to breathe. About six songs into the set, I had to take a walk outside, because I was gasping for breath, but it eventually died down within a half hour.

Last night, I attended another indoor concert, with the people next to me and in front of me both smoking. I knew the feeling was going to come, so as soon as it hit, I tried leaning my head back. I felt a pull in my throat, like a dull stab, but I’m not sure if it was just really dry or swollen.

Is this a sign of a possibly serious allergic reaction?
Since I don’t know how to use this..

I’m not allergic to smoke itself. I’m fine around cigarettes and cigars (I’ve even smoked the latter myself), along with burning any random thing.

Do you think taking an allergy medicine would actually help?
So, I definitely have an allergy? This is really horrible news for me, considering all the concerts I go to pretty much scream that there’s going to be smoking.. I’ve never gotten anything from being around the person after they smoke, or being around the substance itself, but only when it is being smoked..

So, basically, I’m doomed?
Ah, not really possible. As a matter of a fact, in less than a month, I’m seeing another indoor concert.. Oh boy. Jefferson Starship.. That’ll sure be fun.


  1. bmac says:

    Well, it’s probably just the smoke–period. No matter whether it’s pot or cigarettes you will probably get the same reaction. Try your best to stay away from the smoke. And, obviously…….don’t smoke it yourself.

  2. Paperclip-UA-4-life says:

    Yes, that could be a marijuana allergy. MJ is a member of the poison ivy family of plants. It could also just be smoke sensitivity from any kind of smoke.

  3. Blue Flame Alchemist says:

    I think so. My mom has the same symptoms…but it got worse when she smoked it, she broke out in hives and stuff. Just pop a benadryl B4 u go 2 a concert, it might help

  4. ME says:

    Ya, it is not a joke. I am allergic to Marijuana as well. Every one makes fun of me and thinks that I just don’t want to do it. But no it is true you are allergic. It is the worst thing and it hurts. That is just the beginning of your reactions the more you are around it the more you will suffer and the longer you will suffer as well. The funny part is if some one just smoked you will be able to tell. Even, if they have it in their bag or pocket. Oh and especially when it is rainy weather it makes it more obvious to you on who smokes and who doesn’t. You will also be able to locate some ones secret stash in a dresser, hole in the wall, vent you name it. You might still be able to go to concerts just distant your self from those who light up and I am not kidding, get a scented lotion you are not allergic to and rub it in your hands and below your nose and around your mouth that will hold you off for 40 minutes. When it fades reapply. Oh ya, and if you are about to kiss someone who smokes you should have them brush their teeth and use mouthwash. All of my ex-boyfriends stopped smoking because of my reactions. That was nice of them to do that for me but better for them in the long run. “So Sweet.” After a reaction use 2 benadryl pills and 1 Tylenol for the pain. Beware, that will make you have a early good night but it works.

  5. airbob61@verizon.net says:

    The best cure is to stay away from indoor concerts.

  6. mcdannells says:

    Sure you could be allergic! Many people are allergic to certain things.
    This might be one of the things, you might be allergic to more then this!
    Why don’t you say something at these concerts? You have the right to be there without being subjected to such people who obviously are not legal to use or they would not be using in public like that! One can get there legal card taken away! At least here in Oregon. This is one rule that we all have to abide by or the card gets pulled and no one who is legal is going to risk this!!
    Next time say something! If these people have there legal card they no better and would take something with them that does not need to be smoked!