The end of medical cannabis as we know it? WA state SB 5052 ~ HTBABG e01!

Help establish a legal Medical Marijuana Co-operative Grow Site
April 27, 2015
Intro to the 4kw Animal Cookies/Gorilla Glue #4 garden – Day 32 flower!
April 27, 2015

Figured this would be a good upload to be episode 01 of the How To Be A Better Grower series… The series will cover everything to growing tips and tricks, how-to’s, genetics, and all aspects…


  1. MrKingYup says:

    Population -1

  2. lightnlove says:

    Taxation is robbery. Government is violence

  3. Roy Poud says:

    told the wife this a few weeks back.
    medical costs the state their money.any idiot can get a medical card,more
    or less. why have 80% of the consumers of weed skip the tax when we can
    have growers grow medical weed,just not untaxed. its all gonna be rec and
    no one will be allowed to grow their own.
    i say,, hang every jury trial until the states back off. course then,no
    more jury trials. judges will be appointed to hear and judge the facts
    against the people.
    also,the next president,,a republican i think,, he will also pass the
    largest gun control act seen by the right yet,and they will be pissed. but
    it will be for our safety.
    its always about control,nothing more.

  4. DabEz ko says:

    Medical cannabis is California is a joke.
    I was arrested for growing 12, 3 foot tall plants in California with 3
    recommendations on site.

  5. LegitKidRoc says:

    Like really who didn’t see this coming 

  6. jurgislv says:

    More profit for those who are gonna stick to growing regardless of it being
    illegal and less tax dollars for the state. Top lel

  7. tear from the clouds says:

    thanks 4 the 411…

  8. Leozebios Thor says:

    ‘ Greed is the American Dream ‘ … Nuff said, unfortunately.

  9. lightnlove says:

    If they treated cannabis like tomatoes then there would be no black market.
    Besides, a free market (agorism) is the only humane and logical option. 

  10. ShadowMasta says:

    I’m 100% with you Myco On your train of thoughts towards this cannabis
    situation.. I grow cannabis for the passion of just growing it. I take
    pride in growing quality cannabis for my patients. Lets just hope for the