Intro to the 4kw Animal Cookies/Gorilla Glue #4 garden – Day 32 flower!

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April 27, 2015
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April 27, 2015

Back in action! Going into detail on the current gardening happenings… talking about the current state of my 4kw half Animal Cookies, half Gorilla Glue #4 flower room, as well as going in…


  1. Dutchman's Medical Marijuana says:

    Everything looks awesome and I love those strains too.

  2. The Harvest Company says:

    organics alive makes a very good bloom castings that would be great for u
    to top dress with! check them out

  3. prndownload says:

    I wish I could get my hands on these kinds of cuts just for fun.

  4. MMA MLB says:

    intro at day 30 lol..good shit mane

  5. Drew Grow says:

    Look outstanding for their time in flower

  6. FarmerTy 520 says:

    Yea i really want that glue cute. There some fire arou d tucson but they
    wont let the cut go

  7. Liam Duff says:

    Being a single father of 2 boys, (oops-young men) I’ve developed an
    abnormally high tolerance for idiots. However, I struggle in finding decent
    quality grow vids W/out some fucktard W/marbles in his mouth, Rick Ross in
    the… GRRRR! W/out jumpin all on yer- I just wanted to give U a bonified,
    heart felt THANKS- Genetics, cooking my soil, genetics, grow rooms in
    general & genetics.. That’s my football. My muscle car. All the best-

  8. Daniel Adams says:

    Who’s this mini split lol is it air con or summit

  9. tear from the clouds says:

    those plants r stacking for day 30 hombre, real good. pretty sick vid,
    thanks again!

  10. bt4b4 says:

    U nailed the smell on the Glue….looking good bro !

  11. TheMasterchief50 says:

    Thanks for the updates man. Yeah they look really similar but they do have
    different looking bud structure i have the forum but never grew the Animal
    cookies but man id love to. The forum cookies has a weird yield buts its
    not all that bad with the density the buds get, denser then my bubba and
    ounce of forum looks like a half ounce of anything else i have. Im
    finishing a grow now of gg#4 and forum with nutrients AN conni and if you
    feel up to it id use the canna terra for one grow round with the GG#4 buds
    came out huge and the hole bud was as white as suger if you want ill send
    you some pictures and you can check them both out.