Sophia’s Story: One Family’s Fight For a Happily Ever After

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April 22, 2015
Pros and Cons: Using a Pot Delivery Service
April 22, 2015

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  1. Benjamin Weaver says:

    Marijuana should be legalized but we must think about how we are going to
    legalize it. Medical Marijuana should not be legalized until the US
    government takes it off Schedule I. It is only then that real, national
    studies can take place.

    We need to protect the interests of the people, too. Corporations are
    already applying for patents to their processes and strains of marijuana.
    If we legalize marijuana without also reigning in the corporations, prices
    will stay at their currently high prices. Instead of funding illegal drug
    cartels in South America, we will be funding legal drug cartels in Europe
    and North America.

    I personally do not trust corporations to not use additives. The
    possibility exists to make marijuana cigarettes as addictive and dangerous
    as tobacco cigarettes.

    We need to separate smoking marijuana from taking CBD products. There needs
    to be a minimum age to purchase and rules regulating advertisement and
    placement in media for any type of smoking. CBD, though, needs to be
    available to anybody at any age under the care of a doctor.

    Most of these items are getting ignored by people who want pot or medical
    marijuana legalised. They don’t want to bother with all the other things we
    need to think through and process. This is a mistake that will come back to
    bite us.

    It is absurd that this family is going through this in 2015, but we cannot
    rush to advance an agenda without thinking through all the ramificatins
    first. If we really want to help this family right now, we need to be
    talking to our representative, but we can also fund the family so they can
    move. I know if my kids had an issue that CBD could solve, I wouldn’t let a
    zip code get in the way. I would move.

    Before I get attacked on the moving idea. People from around the world do
    it all the time. They move from an area that is hostile to them and work on
    changing things from the outside in. Then they move back to family and
    friends when change has completed. Somebody needs to ask them if they would
    accept donations to move.

  2. Pepper Conchobhar says:

    Governer: “No! That’s something for physicians to do. We don’t do that.”

    FREAKING JOBS, you disingenuous jerk.

  3. Joseph K says:

    Absurd and angering to think arbitrary borders are preventing people from
    getting medical treatment. Sign this petition and make a difference.

  4. Ryan Anderson says:

    If only people would stop focusing on what’s legal and focus on whats moral.

    Legality is not morality.

  5. Leifur Thor says:

    Anything, I repeat anything that gets in the way of an American exercising
    their freedom is a crime, and anyone, any groupx any branch of government
    that gets in the way should be eradicated full stop. This got a tear btw,
    way to go Learn Liberty!