Pros and Cons: Using a Pot Delivery Service

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April 22, 2015
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April 22, 2015

Jimmy weighs the good and bad of using an Uber-like app for marijuana. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy…


  1. Rebecca Lee Young Rodriguez Prentice says:

    ~signed Tim Tebow~ say whaaaaa? Love me some Tebow!

  2. loriksp says:

    Stereotyping level over 9000!

  3. klelia v says:

    States are legalizing pot?? What is wrong with you America?

  4. Carley Fisher says:

    yas lol

  5. DaTHUG18k1d says:

    What happen to his other side guy?

  6. jkcrusher18 says:

    TEBOW gonna win that starting job though!!!

  7. Smurfiest Smurf says:

    Why the hell do some states in America legalize weed?? It’s crazy. 

  8. Killer Potater says:

    i am a potato

  9. Viral Chavda says:

    You want some crack with that

  10. [ V e g e t a ] says:

    I can tell Jimmy doesn’t smoke weed.

  11. Games Settings says:


  12. Maky M S says:


  13. Vegas Matt says:

    im just going to say hi people

  14. Jonhatan Sanabria says:

    Pros and Cons: Using a Pot Delivery Service with Jimmy Fallon

  15. Chris Guevara says:

    Pro: to somehow introvertley be responsible with you’re careless-ness.
    Con: contemplating whether you hate something or not, and yet not knowing
    it. Some drive their daily’ with casual fuck ups. Cons suck for a reason

  16. Assassin says:

    Poor Eagles…Tebow…fucking Tebow… God this season is going to suck…

  17. 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! says:

    Currently at 119K. Aiming for 123K today. A *+1* can go a long way!

  18. CastleInferno says:

    A little surprised that Link was not mentioned…

  19. Luka gavranić says:

    am I the one who is first ?! (hi for my sorry english)

  20. Felix Bouchard says:

    Ahahaha tim tebow

  21. Ilija Srdanovic says:

    or second

  22. Corvaire Wind says:

    I didn’t know Tim was musically inclined..? ;O)-

  23. ThaIceMan05 says:

    He made fun of my Eagles. Bad choice, no biggie. Jay Leno is still 20
    seasons ahead of you Jimmy!

  24. Ryan Murphy says:

    [comment to how this is a misinterpretation of weed], lol nah *puff*

  25. Arthur O. says:

    wow! what is that sound at 1:13 ???