How to apply for medicinal marijuana in California?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Josh asked:

I would like to know the steps required to receive a medicinal marijuana card.

13 comments on “How to apply for medicinal marijuana in California?

  1. pan_clock on

    i don’t think you can get marijuana for medicinal use in the united states although i could be wrong. but you can get it in a different country. go to Mexico for a while. and unless you have glaucoma or something its not medicinal.

  2. Armelle on

    You have to talk to your doctor. You also have to have symptoms needed for it – not hungry, not eating, intense pain, not sleeping, etc.

    Cancer is also a good reason why you might need it.

    Other than that … I would just find a reliable hook-up.

  3. yakngirl on

    You need to see your doctor and have a “legitimate” condition for which marijuana has been proven to be useful. I use quotes around legitimate, because a prescription for medical marijuana is pretty easy to obtain in California. Chronic pain, ADD, and sleep disorders are conditions for which marijuana is often prescribed. Keep in mind that employers can still deny you employment for testing positive for marijuana, even if you have a prescription.

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