How do you feel about the legal use of medicinal marijuana use?

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Medicinal Marijuana
KRISTIN G asked:

In california it is legal to use medicial marijuana and a lot of people are able to get these medical marijuana cards so easy and a lot of young people get them so they can say ” oh, I it’s okay I can smoke cause I have a card”, or they say ” Oh, it’s cool I can grow plants cause I have the card”. I don’t think this is far and it should only be used by people who have chronic deseases and no one else. I was wondering what other people thought about this and how you felt…. I am doing a paper for school and I need some help.

4 comments on “How do you feel about the legal use of medicinal marijuana use?

  1. copperbean on

    well, as someone who had to use it medically, I wish it were more like that here – it is the safest and most effective drug for so many problems, and there are instances when, due either to allergies to other drugs or to the nonexistence of other drugs, it would be nice to just have a card – and I would rather people who didn’t really NEED it had cards/access than people who really DO not having cards/access. After all, it is a safe, non-addictive recreational drug as well, and it would be great not to feel guilty or stressed about the legality of it. My medical need for it no longer exists, and having kids, I never felt safe having it around, but now I sure would like to use it recreationally once in a while.

  2. taurust_girl27 on

    presently i am not living in California, but as far as marijuana is concern, i think the government imposed legal action regarding this matter because there is no one who wanted to live with free access to drugs. Perhaps cards issued only to those people who have a medical problems and with doctors recommendation.

  3. hihi on

    The legal of using marijuana in medicine is necessary, because it’s a sedative drug, and patient who use it don’t be addicted to drug, espectially patient with cancer in the last stage. However, some people use this legal as an permit to use marijuana for other purpose. I think the government need to define by regulation about giving these medical marijuana cards

  4. 420smiles on

    In California as a qualified patient you are entitled to legally grow, consume and transport marijuana as your medicine. Marijuana helps patients with conditions like migraines, nausea, anxiety, pain, Glaucoma, AIDS, anorexia, and depression. You can grow six mature plants, or 12 immature plants and carry up to 8 ounces as your personal medicine. Marijuana has been reported to be an effective and preferred treatment for many California patients. Check out this website to see if you pre-qualify.

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