Marijuana Bust at Sobriety Road Block

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September 7, 2010
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September 7, 2010
jim44227 asked:

Chief Tony Burnett and the men of the Woodbury Tennessee Police Department discover marijuana after young man acts suspiciously during a planned Sobriety Check Road Block. In addition to the marijuana, offices observed and cited several individual for a variety of traffic/motor vehicle violations. Remember, all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


  1. MarieFrom1992 says:

    I dont even know why Woodbury police even bother doing the paperwork for pot busts anymore. Seriously, its never gonna stop that is a big part of Cannon County. They need to just deal with it. For real.

  2. bones4pres says:

    I agree cannon county just sucks.

  3. jda2m says:

    Thanks fuckers for protecting my family from an 18 year old kid who has less than an eighth of a bag of pot. This check point is illegal, because no probable cause is given for anyone to be stopped. I would have told those pigs to search their own assholes because their heads are in there somewhere. It is illegal to show a cars license plate, and they should be investigated.

  4. mindshanked says:

    I live in woodbury…and cops are definately not everywhere

  5. Kirix says:

    pretty stupid to be caught with possession at this point. one because he should of known better to not consent to a search of his property. two, the war on drugs is retarded and only serves to feed the prison industrial complex.

    tennessee receives a huge amount of funding for police than any other ive seen. if you go to kentucky you never see cops on country backroads, but in places like woodbury they are everywhere.

  6. allgoraro says:

    🙁 on these people who perpetuate the garbage of our society=the drug war.

  7. RBullZ says:

    mooneyham is such a moron lol

  8. grassyknollblues says:

    I sell propane and propane accessories….lol

  9. grassyknollblues says:

    Is it me or does Tony sound like Hank Hill?

  10. aybesee123 says:

    Bah….Federal, should be local based gov only.

  11. infinity2rip says:

    Is this legal? Can they show ppl’s faces or reveal their identity like that? And they totally showed that person’s license plate number. This is obviously very wrong. I hate woodbury pigs. And old pigface burnett is about the worst of them.

  12. murfreebear says:

    That’s the most action I have ever seen in Woodbury. LOL. Remember 20 MPH. :)~

  13. GKSkunky420 says:

    Funny just looked up an noticed that lone corona light chilling next to the cop. What’s up with that one bottle?

  14. GKSkunky420 says:

    Should have let the kid go. I thought they werelooking for wreckless drunk drivers not scared law abiding, other than stoned, drivers.

  15. carpediem1487777777 says:

    Defamation of character!!! sue the bastards g-man.

  16. Jfisch15 says:

    At 1:00 a middle aged man in a truck shows up and they have a nice chuckle. Next a teenager shows up in a crazy hat.. We have to search this mother fucker!… Thats stereotyping and they probably did not have probable cause.. his rights were obviously not read to him.. Ok… I will admit they made a good guess but its so typical for something like this to happen in a small town.

  17. trishee314 says:

    Woodbury/Cannon County cops are a joke. More often than not they are not looking out for the good of the people. They were mad at my parents for some ridiculous reason, and they followed me nearly everyday when I was on my way to MTSU.

    Yeah, give yourself a pat on the back.

  18. CptIncaino says:

    That’s so stupid. They automatically look at the tobacco pipe for cannabis. That guy is an idiot. Even the cops think he is.

  19. 92666Slayer66692 says:

    i went to school with him last year

  20. remi422 says:

    dude i know of that kid lol that funny

  21. jim44227 says:

    If you listen, he actually gave permission for the search.

  22. Cryptlord9999 says:

    illegal search of his bag

  23. xryanwhitelawx says:

    dude, you are a effin MAN