Don’t you think that medicinal marijuana can help sufferers of Depression?

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Medicinal Marijuana
superTagIT asked:

Seriously, I think it can help people who suffer from mental disorders such as depression and Bipolar. Why are doctors limiting the use to cancer patients, Alzheimer patients, etc.. Why not see what it can do for people who suffer from depression? After all, one of marijuana’s properties is that it has a relaxing effect and that’s just what people who suffer from Bipolar need. Their minds are always racing, so it seems like this would be something they could benefit from.

What do you think?

7 comments on “Don’t you think that medicinal marijuana can help sufferers of Depression?

  1. picky on

    No, I don’t think it will help, you need to find the source of your problem, what causing your depression and fix that. Marijuana just helps you to relax but your problems won’t go away.

  2. Mickjam on

    I think it would only make the condition worse. They are already at a predisposed weakness to become addicted to a source of relief. A person wtih depression needs to discover ways to natural mental wellness through physical wellness, not make themselves more addicted and reliant on outside sources to feel okay about life.

    They need to overhaul thier diets to cleanse them from the junk they eat. They need to exercise to bring life back to their tired bodies, and they need to psychologically reach new levels of happiness by achieving goals, learning self-control, and social responsibility by reaching outside of themselves for a change. They need to turn on the television and volunteer for those who are honestly less fortunate.

  3. Jennifer F on

    It depends. Depression is usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Marijuana may make the effect on the imbalance worse and cause their symptoms to be worse. Plus, unlike depression pills, you can’t smoke it anytime you want to as marijuana has other effects. And pills are constant in the medicine that you have in your system, whereas marijuana isn’t always in your system. But I could be wrong. I think it depends on the person. As an effect of marijuana can be paranoia and a racing mind, so that could make their thoughts worse. I hope that made some sort of sense.. lol.

  4. thetruthisoutthere on

    Yes, it can help some people. But it’s important to remember that the effects of marijuana can vary from one person to the next.
    Also, there are a large amount of diseases and ailments that marijuana can help, some states that have medical marijuana legalized are more strict than others and might only prescribe it for more serious illnesses.

    I do know that some states will indeed prescribe it for depression.

    picky: I think you are forgetting that it’s not a choice or lifestyle problem that causes most peoples depression. A person can be leading a happy and fulfilling life and still suffer from depression. It’s caused by a chemical imbalance.

    The use of marijuana does not lead to any mental disorders.

  5. blue_bipo2 on

    I suffer from Bipolar disorder type 2 and can testify from personal experiences and guarantee 100% that marijuana does not help!

    For the longest time I was a daily smoker. I would smoke marijuana about every 4 to 6 hours to “keep me calm and relaxed”. I did that for over 10 years and one day, my “supplier” was all out. Unable to get some anywhere else, I had no choice but to “go without”. I went into “detox” and…believe me, that was awful. I was irritable, having major break downs, going through cold sweats, shaking and feeling very ill. But after the 5 or 6 day, I started noticing such an improvement in my life. It was as though a “grey veil” was lifted from my eyes. Things looked different and much clearer. After only a week, I realized I was less pessimist and even surprised myself by laughing and finding joy in my life (where as before, the only thing that would make me feel “a bit happy” was smoking up…)

    As the weeks went by, their was more and more BIG improvements on my attitude and I was finally “finding my true self” again. I had been smoking for so long that I had forgotten how I used to be before. When I was smoking, I was isolating myself and had trouble seeing positive things in life. I had lost interest in everything in my life and could not enjoy anything. And now that I had stopped smoking, things were all slowly starting to look more interesting. To my biggest surprise I also noticed that, while smoking marijuana was “relaxing” me, it was on the other hand agravating my anxiety and paranoia!

    I’ve been marijuana free now for almost a year and, I am so proud of myself. When I think about it, I can’t believe how “delusioned” I was!!! Thinking for all those years that I “needed” marijuana for my health, when in fact it wasn’t helping at all! And I am now not “attracted” to it at all ( I can be at parties and people can smoke beside me and I am not even tempted). Of course, because I have used marijuana to deal with my stress for so many years, when I am faced with a very stresfull situation I have this “automatic” tendency to desire smoking up…but it is for a fraction of a second that this thought goes through my mind and I know it wouldn’t solve my problems and wouldn’t help me in any way.

    Just like any addiction, (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc.) it will be a life long battle to stay “sobber/clean”. For the simple fact that every time I will be faced with a difficult/stressfull situation, my mind will “unconsciously” try to “push me back” to this way of “dealing” with the situation. But I keep strong, and always remember how smoking marijuana did not help and how my life is so much better now.

    Ask any psychiatrist or psychologist and they will testify that: MARIJUANA DOES NOT HELP MENTAL ILLNESSES!!

    If you want some “natural’ way of relaxing, try taking ginger herbal tea, or camomille herbal tea, or mint/pepermint tea. That will calm you down (and those are not dangerous in any way.)

    Their are also supplements/vitamins that can help with depression/bipolar/anxiety (and that are safe):

    -Omega 3 FISH OILS (that helps for emotionnal balancing and well being…(Not the Omega 3 from the flax seed oil or evening primrose.That kind helps with inflamation and skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.) You can get Omega 3 (fish oils) in salmond, sardines, mackeral, herring…But if you can’t digest fish easely (like me), go for the supplements.

    -Vitamin B12 (that helps to deal with anxiety/stress…research has shown that stress “eats out” the vitamin B12 from our system…) It is better to take these vitamins in supplement, unless you like eating liver…

    -Folic Acid (that helps with your immune system, will make you have more energy and less prone to catching colds and other viruses) You can find folic acid in citrus fruits, kiwi and tomatoes…but be carefull because citrus fruits interract allot with some medication and is not recommennded with certain type of medication. (side effect that is related to folic acid is, augmenting your fertility, so be carefull if being a parent is not something you are ready for…)

    -Zinc is also sometimes related to low levels of energy and fatigue. Get your doctor to see where you have deficiencies. If you are low in zinc, you can find it in sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.(side effect that may be caused by zinc is an increas in libido)

    All the “supplements” I’ve listed above come in “capsules” and can be found in any pharmacy. But some brand names are better than others so, ask your pharmacist to indicate to you the best ones. Many of these and other supplements have been recognized as playing a critical role in the brain and nervous system. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen.**PS:You will not feel the effect immidiately, it takes about 3 weeks to a month until the supplements take full effect.**

    Another thing that can help you out allot, is using “breathing techniques” when you feel an anxiety attack comming on/or already in “progress”. The “breathing exercises” is pretty simple. As you lay in bed, put one or both hands on your “tummy”, take in a slow deep breath from your nose (filling not only your lungs but also your “tummy” completely), hold it for a few seconds, then completely exhale slowly (like through a straw) from your mouth. You can also count every breath you inhale and exhale. Repeat this exercises a few times and you will feel the anxiety slowly diminish.

    And last but least, I want to share with you the “power” of MINDFULNESS. Basically it’s about concentrating on the present moment, on only ONE thing! This might sound silly but i swear it works!! It wont be easy at first cause your mind will “jump” on other stuff (like your grocerie list, or things you did in the day, or have to do the next day…) but when that happens, just go back to concentrating on that one thing you decided as your focal point (it can be the sound of a fan, or a candle, or your breathing….anything you chose). When this “tecniques” was thaught to me, I had to start by doing only 3 minutes a day, and funny enough I couldn’t even do it!! My mind would automatically “jump” on everything else!!LOL So I practiced and gradually was able to do 20 to 30 minutes a day. It is amasing how much weight 20 to 30 minutes of mindfulness will take off your shoulders!! And what is great about this is that once you have mastered how to do it, you can use it/do it anywhere by just finding something to focus on!! (I added a web site that explain more in details what mindfulness is.)

    I know my answer if VERY long, but I’ve learned so much over the years (in dealing with my illness) that I want to share all the advices I can, in the hope of helping others as much as it has helped me.So, I hope my answer did help you. : D

    Good luck 😉

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