please help me medical marijuana growing 10 points?

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September 4, 2010
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September 5, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Jessethrtdhdhyedyhsfgsa asked:

im growing snow white what lights do i use for budding and how long what lights do i use for flowering


  1. Your Friendly Jewish Accountant says:

    Agri-lite, at least 10 hrs a day if not 12 – 15 when forcing budding.

  2. Cannabliss says:

    Plants need about 12 hours of light during the flowering stage.
    Use whatever lights you wish.
    Harvest when the tricombs are amberish

  3. a_kings_fanatic says:

    For flowering you definitely want to use HPS lights. High pressure sodium lights offer the highest lumen-per-watt output over any other lamp. After the vegetative cycle, when your plants are the right size to flower, you change the light cycle to 12-12. Meaning 12 hours of light, 12 of dark. It is imperative that they do not receive any light during their “sleep” period. If you accidentally turn on the lights during their dark period, you may end up with some hermaphrodites, female plants with male pollen sacks, not good.
    The flowering phase will depend on the strain. For snow white, I don’t know for sure what the standard is but it’s between 8-10 weeks for sure.
    And for the last poster, who said to harvest when the crystals are amber, I don’t know what book you read but it’s obvious you have your head up your own a ss. You most definitely want to harvest before the crystals are amber. The amber color indicates the THC has started to breakdown, and your weed will be less potent. You want to harvest when the trichomes are milky-white. This color indicates THC is at it’s peak and the buds will be more potent.
    Good luck with your harvest bro. Sounds like you have some good smoke coming your way. Remember to flush your girls really well the last 2 weeks before harvest. Your bud will repay you with a smoother smoke.