Can someone explain why Michigan passed a law approving medicinal marijuana but it’s still illegal to possess?

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Skye asked:

And grow? And who gives these prescriptions out? It sounds like to me that it is still illegal even if you are dying and are using it. Are they saying that if you are terminally ill and possess a small amount that it is okay in Michigan? I’m confused!


  1. ♥STREAKER♥©℗† says:

    it’s illegal per federal law to own or posses mary janes. california has passed the medical law about it’s use and still buts heads with the feds about it. I beleive there will eventually be a challenge to the fed law and hopefully get it over turned where the ones that really could benefit from it will be legal everywhere.

  2. thetruthisoutthere says:

    Michigan is the 13th state to make medicinal marijuana legal, it’s nothing new and not too confusing.

    Each state has different regulations in regards to who is eligible and for what disease or ailment.

    You must have a qualifying problem and have a doctor sign a paper stating that you need it.

    If you then become a medical marijuana patient you can possess a certain prescribed amount at one time. On a state level, this is legal and you can’t get busted for it. On the federal level it’s still illegal, however patients are rarely the target of federal agents. They will be looking for registered caregivers (growers) and dispensaries.

  3. Mary N says:

    Yes! It does sound like you’re confused.

    Proposition #1 which was overwhelmingly passed by the voters of Michigan last Tuesday, allows for the decriminalized use of marijuana for persons enrolled in doctor-supervised, regulated programs.

    Since it has been only a few hundred hours since the voters have expressed approval, most details of this have yet to be resolved.

    Qualified users of decriminalized medical marijuana will continue to be prevented from driving a vehicle while under the influence of pot; and, they are prohibited from using this drug in public.

    The State of Michigan has until 12/4/8 to implement this voter-approved measure. More information will be forthcoming;

    If you are not a state resident or have ready access to newspapers & TV in Michigan, I suggest you learn more details by going to the State of Michigan’s website.