what kind of effects does marijuana have on a new born?

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September 24, 2010
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anna_molly_05 asked:

i cant afford to live in a place without my mom cause i have to work and have my mom watch my child. but my older brother lives with us and i caught him smoking weed in his room. second hand smoke goes through the cracks of the door and through the vents. and i got furious cause my new born is in the room across from his. he said he wouldnt do it anymore but i caught him again! i would just leave but i cant afford to live anywhere else right now without my moms help. does anyone know where i can get some pictures of a baby effected by marijuana or some info to show him what he has done to her the last couple of days( we just got this place on the 19th so we have only lived with each other 2 days.) to make her stop or i will insist on him leaving or me and my daughter leaving to another relatives or something.

and also if you dont have an answer that answers my question and all you got to do is critisize me or make jokes,save your energy, grow up, and i dont mind reporting you at all


  1. fg f says:

    truth.com has a lot of stuff or google it.

  2. Mr.Robot says:

    You are going to have a hard time finding anything like that. Because it dosn’t happen.

  3. ashley42066 says:

    you shoudl be ok, its not the healthiest thing for your baby, but it is not anything at all like cigerettes.,.. cigs can cause sids and asthma and what not… of course any smoke or any chemical at all is a pollutant and not good for you,, but i wouldnt stress. tell him just to respect you, and smoke outside…but its not dangerous, however it is illegal and could get you in some child protective service issues. but.. health wise.. think about it, marijuana is a highly used medicine.. so… really your baby is ok.. but still have him smoke outside.. he should have an issue with that.

  4. daryavaush says:

    I doubt the actual smoke will harm your newborn if it’s secondhand marijuana smoke.

    However, marijuana use is illegal, in case you want to tell your brother that.