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Shouts & Grats Hi Dudes, some shouts – & some Grats to you guys – talking about my up coming 100th video & my weekend challenge a whole…

50 comments on “Shouts & Grats

  1. 420mFuk on

    Thumbs up for “YouTube Live Stream” 100th episdoe live + we can join in the fun with comments & cams 🙂

    Lovin the ups, P&P

  2. Rsspecial1 on

    I’ll stay up for abit with ya doing bongs marte, will talk to chris about getting some vids up maybe ! marathon!!!

  3. klaven hawahoo on

    def. the best weed and bong smoking videos on youtube hands down. peace J stay high

  4. CommonlyKnownAsDom on

    I am loving your vids and only just found them looking at your channel now

    P.s. you may wanna check out my police videos I am sure you will enjoy

  5. kevin84cfc on

    That first bong rip is just insane lol loving the new videos ,your like a British tokindaily except your not a gay faggot like Paul haha

  6. ukguerillagrower on

    You should do a Skype video where you ring other people around the world and have hits with them! Would be a great way to socialise with your fans 😀

  7. ZONE6666 on

    nice one 🙂 can’t wait for the marathon….if your anywhere near as baked as on this vid hahahaha
    peace one love!!

  8. kendo kitty on

    Dude you look so fucking high in this video I’m jealous congrats on your channel btw!

  9. Ahebrew on

    I saw your videos some time ago and thought they were good. They are genuine and you are not trying to put on a show just for people to watch you. You are just toking it up, doing what you do and sharing it with us. I noticed that when I first came across your videos there was a long time since your last upload and I read the comments that you had some issues with the law. I am glad you are back and able to make more videos.
    Good vibes

  10. Raheel Hafeez on

    Love the cockney humour haha.
    Only other person I’ve seen on YouTube to use the word numpty :’)


  11. iTZTHORAX on

    Bro you better not stop these video’s, you’re a legend dude and one hell of a stoner at that, love everything you do mate, keep. tokin!

    Peace, One love 😉

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