Shouts & Grats

Dartmouth Engineering in Africa: Malawi Solar Power Project
April 3, 2013
THE BIG LEZ SHOW se2 ep 1 they’re back
April 4, 2013

Shouts & Grats Hi Dudes, some shouts – & some Grats to you guys – talking about my up coming 100th video & my weekend challenge a whole…


  1. MIBIify says:

    Jmurp rulleessss, bles jah, gr8 vid

  2. Westley Kush says:

    in that marathon you should smoke out of all your bongs bubblers and pipes

  3. TakeShotAction says:

    My paypal is nearly set up, gonna be getting a few pipes 🙂

  4. 420mFuk says:

    Thumbs up for “YouTube Live Stream” 100th episdoe live + we can join in the fun with comments & cams 🙂

    Lovin the ups, P&P

  5. kkgforever says:

    Do u ship to the U.S. ?

  6. ELFHUNTER50 says:

    haha i love the ending =D

  7. SuperSaiyanAD says:

    that would be awesome!

  8. Rsspecial1 says:

    I’ll stay up for abit with ya doing bongs marte, will talk to chris about getting some vids up maybe ! marathon!!!

  9. spud188 says:

    Cant wait for the 100th episode dude!
    Loving the countdown!

  10. Austin Lewis says:

    What can I do to buy a bong from you

  11. DUDE666PSIHOHL says:

    0:06 hahaha

  12. klaven hawahoo says:

    def. the best weed and bong smoking videos on youtube hands down. peace J stay high

  13. CommonlyKnownAsDom says:

    I am loving your vids and only just found them looking at your channel now

    P.s. you may wanna check out my police videos I am sure you will enjoy

  14. kevin84cfc says:

    That first bong rip is just insane lol loving the new videos ,your like a British tokindaily except your not a gay faggot like Paul haha

  15. Nitrousx says:


    hope you’re having a wonderful day. 

  16. Nikehead420 says:

    Awsome videos keep making

  17. nitrobunny2 says:

    entertaining dude!!

  18. ukguerillagrower says:

    You should do a Skype video where you ring other people around the world and have hits with them! Would be a great way to socialise with your fans 😀

  19. DDMAC351 says:

    Good to see u back bro

  20. cutiekazoe10 says:

    Well that’s pretty rude to Paul, don’t you think?

  21. SquatNshit says:

    love your videos mate 🙂

  22. easton8524 says:

    Nice size bowls man! Old school haha

  23. darren britton says:

    mate you are fucking legend. you are like bob marley :D

  24. potoker9 says:


  25. ViscountSqualo says:

    Hahahahaha the ending is class

  26. ZONE6666 says:

    nice one 🙂 can’t wait for the marathon….if your anywhere near as baked as on this vid hahahaha
    peace one love!!

  27. Andrew Outt says:

    do you sell downstem clips lol. but really site is super cool

  28. hourplastic says:

    Never gets old lol.

  29. LUCKy H says:

    Ur getting way to baked

  30. kendo kitty says:

    Dude you look so fucking high in this video I’m jealous congrats on your channel btw!

  31. jmurp70 says:

    Sure Bro – takes about 5-7 days max.


  32. Ahebrew says:

    I saw your videos some time ago and thought they were good. They are genuine and you are not trying to put on a show just for people to watch you. You are just toking it up, doing what you do and sharing it with us. I noticed that when I first came across your videos there was a long time since your last upload and I read the comments that you had some issues with the law. I am glad you are back and able to make more videos.
    Good vibes

  33. jmurp70 says:

    lol 🙂 one day…

  34. jmurp70 says:

    email me after I will look after your order personally Bro..

    Thanks again


  35. WooPantsZX says:

    best ending ever omg

  36. HolidayRips says:

    mate…you are the authentic OG

  37. WooPantsZX says:

    love you man

  38. CyanideChild420 says:

    Another great video from JMurp. One love. Stay happy, stay high.

  39. Raheel Hafeez says:

    Love the cockney humour haha.
    Only other person I’ve seen on YouTube to use the word numpty :’)


  40. VonValen says:

    That Last Hit really knocked you ass huh? O_o (Must Be Some heavy Shit)

  41. MrChrisproductions says:

    dude. its happening again. 

  42. TheGuitarManUK says:

    cheers for the shout out/smoke a long, nice one.

  43. TheOriginaLLanKy says:

    I love your vids and don’t even smoke weed! 😀


    @kevin84cfc hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  45. iTZTHORAX says:

    Bro you better not stop these video’s, you’re a legend dude and one hell of a stoner at that, love everything you do mate, keep. tokin!

    Peace, One love 😉

  46. Rylie McKnight says:

    Ur awesome.

  47. s snider says:

    I will be watching you Dude. This is going to rock!

  48. aKRYPTONIANx says:

    Countdown 05:31 Lmao

  49. DUDE666PSIHOHL says:

    You amazing smoker,very,very,very nice hits.Cheers.
    RESPECT bro.

  50. odyssseey says:

    yoo the end was funny as fuck nice to see you stoned to fuck as always man