THE BIG LEZ SHOW se2 ep 1 they’re back

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April 4, 2013
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April 4, 2013

THE BIG LEZ SHOW se2 ep 1 they're backepisode 1 of season 2 ‘they’re back’ this mind fuck of an episode will show that there is more to The Big Lez Show than a few stoner jokes and a few giggles …


  1. Luke Kowald says:

    This is funny but U KILLED IT ! With coohma island bst ep so far XD

  2. jarrad wright says:

    cheers man. and yeah i live on the coast but down south

  3. InfinityLuck says:

    when’s the next one ! (:

  4. jarrad wright says:

    sure do
    and thanks man!

  5. TacoFlavoredGaming says:


  6. RickyRider35 says:

    lol this is already so much funnier than se1

  7. TheNathanacko says:

    Love this show should have over million views jeep it up!:-)

  8. mushifart says:

    are u from the gold coast?
    good vid btw

  9. Barrack Obama says:

    I fucking love you! im from the coast too <3 Ily

  10. Acesaurus says:

    What’s the bet that they’re from Nerang?

  11. Yamaha lyam says:

    who the fuck dislikes this vid……UN FUCKING AUSTRALIAN!

  12. jarrad wright says:

    hahaha cheers

  13. soupifier says:

    Im from the gold coast too! Fuck yeah keep it up you fuckin drugo!

  14. jarrad wright says:


  15. Steve Smith says:

    Sorry mate I loved the others but I just don’t feel the humour in this one sorry :/

  16. jarrad wright says:

    haha thats ok man. this one isn’t suppose to be funny. its just an insight of season 2. im working on waaayy funnier ones. this is my least ‘humored’ episodes yet. its not going to be just a show with some jokes and what not. its a story. a big story! i guess this episode is least funny but more to do with the story line i have lined up. it will all make sense soon. but thanks for the love

  17. OhhhMyyyyGoooooddddd says:

    AHHAHHAHAH bro this is fucking hilarious love it cant wait for the other episodes to come u fuckin drugo

  18. Lucas Rowles says:

    This is quite possibly the best series of videos I’ve ever seen.

  19. Kyle Blenket says:

    you fuckin drugo…. ahahaahhahaha lame fuckin shit

  20. JakeThatGamer says:


  21. Joe McKay says:

    fucking classic

  22. ItsTouchh says:

    Fuck yes <3

  23. sam carter says:

    fuck yesss cunttt

  24. NorandaHawkz says:


  25. NathanByrnesHD says:

    Hmmm, If I’m not going neither is his fucking flowers!

  26. 3Cucumbers says:

    Are you high.. This is by far the best episode, I love the first 6 seconds Hahahaha

  27. Acesaurus says:

    Damn. Mudgee? Surfers? 

  28. DiLiNiTi says:

    Video starts at 3:07, before that it’s just more pure awesomeness.

  29. Jack Mcmaster says:

    lez ya fuckin drugo

  30. ImZxphire says:

    Burleigh ? (;

  31. jarrad wright says:

    hahaha thanks man

  32. TNT Nukem says:

    Dude Unbelievable. Your a legend. Keep it up. Love big Lez

  33. 72gavinski says:

    Fukn awesome jarrad, keep em coming

  34. HostVestaHD says:

    tweed breed

  35. jarrad wright says:

    hahaha thanks man

  36. jarrad wright says:

    cheers man! appreciate it!
    and its a biiiiiig story i have lined up. so a lot of episodes! i think it might be 4 to 6 seasons long? its gonna go on for a while. so pretty much 50 or 60 episodes. (im planning)

  37. ImZxphire says:

    Fucking love you Jarrad Wright you are the funniest guy !!! <3

  38. thatkidcalledliam12 says:

    clarents, shut the fuck up!

  39. Acesaurus says:


  40. jarrad wright says:

    wrong haha

  41. jarrad wright says:

    haha cheers man. i am currently working on the episodes ;)

  42. OnScreenLyricsHDful says:

    Fucking absolutely love the big lez show can you tell how many episodes/seasons are you going to be doing man

  43. jarrad wright says:

    nope hahah

  44. xTC4T says:

    love it boys

  45. Will Hayward says:

    fucking skitz m8

  46. Connor Broadhurst says:

    Oi jarhead is It tweed ur from?

  47. herp derp says:

    holy shit thank you

  48. MrJliveshere says:

    Fuck me sideways, keen as cocks for the next episode aye. Keep up the good work ya laegend

  49. jarrad wright says:

    hahah nnnaaah but close