If you could choose between one, which one would make more sense to be legal/illegal, alcohol, or marijuana?

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October 1, 2010
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October 1, 2010
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zdfhsfdd asked:

I think it’s a joke that marijuana is a schedule 1 substance above drugs like cocaine and meth..marijuana has never killed anyone EVER, I mean It’s a plant for Gods sake lol. It’s been used for thousands of years.. Don’t you hate when “anti-drug” people bash it, and then go home and chug down some booze. freaking anti-drug commercials are funded by alcohol companies..doesn’t that say something..hmm. The only reason it was made illegal was because of economics and bullsh*t propaganda, it’s really sad 🙁 It’s all about these money hungry big corporations.. that’s all our country is..The pharmaceutical companies would lose a lot of money that’s for sure, less people being addicted to prescribed drugs and such..sucks
ya seriously..something needs to be done about all the people crowding the prisons who are only there for possession of a damn plant..and our tax dollars go to that doesn’t it?


  1. freakboynv2008 says:

    said the pot head.

  2. johnnybelinda says:

    It is due to no way of taxing it. You can’t regulate plants, so don’t say look at California. It’s the largest cash crop in the U.S. That says majority are users. I read the local paper and see DUI’s, wrecks, fights, domestic violence with alcohol always involved. When I see marijuna arrests, it’s always posession charges, no further issues (especially violent issues)… IMO…

  3. luke666808g says:

    When they ended prohibition, there was a lot of federal employees who required the existence of a banned substance in order to have jobs, that substance was Marijuana.

  4. Jake says:

    pot head lol

  5. mary57whalen says:

    I use my God given common sense since the government is bought and paid for. I forbid my teens to drink but turn a blind eye to pot. A little pot and a group of 18, 19 year old are laughing at movies and snacking. Those same teens on alcohol often become violent, have black outs, believe they are O.K. to drive and do.

  6. Helpful in Michigan says:

    Alcohol is not illegal but should be, marijuana, even though the stuff sucks, doesn’t endanger people in the way that alcohol does. Alcohol is consumed by too many people who want to drive afterwards and way to many people have died or have been permanently debilitated because of accidents caused by drunken drivers. Marijuana fries the brain, but doesn’t kill anyone.

  7. holly says:

    the big problem is that all the law makers are alcoholics ….and to rehabilitate them they will have to be put on psychiatric drugs…which are the drugs that Should be outlawed….money and stocks dictate what will be done….as far as pot, it only enhances your current state of mind so every time an idiot smokes. it delays the chance that it will be accepted