Marijuana and Search Warrant?

If you could choose between one, which one would make more sense to be legal/illegal, alcohol, or marijuana?
October 1, 2010
Growing Marijuana in California
October 1, 2010
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Jokes on U asked:

If I’m growing marijuana in my apartment, and someone gets wind and goes to the cops, Can they obtain a search warrant without any additional evidence? Thanks in advance for your answers!

DISCLAIMER: The Teacher, nor Jokes on U, or anyone else asking this question have previously, recently, or currently, intend to break the law, beside maybe speeding. This question is for entertainment purposes only.


  1. isaac s says:

    Grow that shit, give some to me, and then Ill tell you the answer

  2. Rock* says:

    well since the government established a program called the war on drugs…the police can search your home without really much to go on. although i do believe an informant has to tell them where you keep your stash. these days the police do issue tickets based on phone calls from angry people. they don’t seem to follow the catch you in the act mentality any longer. now its he said she said…let the courts sort it out. one other problem you would have is the obvious odor that would emanate from your domicile which would tip off just about anyone and provide probable cause. thanx for reading.

  3. Jimmy Whispers says:

    Those creative blue boys lie on affidavits to get search warrants anyways. These crooked cops will stop at nothing to get a hold of some evidence. Here is footage of a trap that was set up. Cops said they had clear evidence of occupants growing marijuana. These blue boys found nothing but a Christmas tree. And then these happy hopping cops laugh and take pictures like they never saw a doughnut before.

  4. db30344 says:

    If i were the cop that searched your apartment and i found the weed growing, i would beat the crap out of you and take what ever amount of money you have form the sells.