How Will California’s new Marijuana standards change the world?

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Dr. Kleen asked:

I do not care and I live in another state.
The 7th largest economy in the world.
Don’t get crazy on me. Please just make your point.
Unless it’s a good one let’s keep the jokes down.
Do you see any real change coming out of this?

5 comments on “How Will California’s new Marijuana standards change the world?

  1. Savalicious on

    As long as federal law supersedes state law the proposition is so subjective to the powers that be. I had a friend that opened a medical marijuana club in Sacramento that was raided and closed by the feds. He was arrested and charged. But here’s what I find so ironic. I just picked up a copy of News and Review and I couldn’t believe the number of ads offering a free 1/4 oz to new members. Or 20% off your first purchase. Blatant ads selling weed. Yet at any time, even though Californians voted it legal, the feds could make more arrests if they chose. Even though Obama says he won’t prosecute when have you ever known a politician to keep his word. especially when there is revenue to be made.

  2. Your Favorite Stoner on

    Marijuana will save California’s economy.
    Good job California! You guys are smart and your cops will actually have to catch real criminals now, not harmless smokers.

    HQ- John Lennon has influenced many people today into approaching situations in a NON-violent way. He’s also influenced many great artist.
    Now I’m going to assume your an old fart, if you don’t believe marijuana has done anything for us. Then please throw all your classic rock away.

    Oh and try going down to the nearest cancer treatment center, I’m sure those folks suffering in pain right now would like to have a word with you.
    I witnessed my grandmother die in pain from leukemia. No medical marijuana for her because of ignorant fools like yourself.

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