Marijuana Bust

John Holt – Police in Helicopter
September 10, 2010
How Will California’s new Marijuana standards change the world?
September 10, 2010
NationalGeographic asked:

A border patrol agent uses his intuition to capture 700 pounds of marijuana. Border Wars: Ground Zero : MON FEB 8 9P et/pt :


  1. HappyHookerTV says:

    @JRMUNCY No. They need to go after rapist and murderers and criminals who do a real harm to society. Oh, wait; they lose too muc money on those people so they gain by fleecing it from drug dealers, druggies and prostitutes. Might as well have a society hooked on Valtrex and prostitution in the form of marrying someone for their money.

  2. JRMUNCY says:

    Way to go pigs keep going after pot instead of Meth, Cocaine, and Heroine.

  3. JRMUNCY says:

    @gamefreak1000000 I guess it’s better that people can get so drunk that they go driving and kill people, instead of getting stoned and sitting at home

  4. 0123biteme says:

    🙁 is all that going to waste?

  5. gamefreak1000000 says:

    @gugenheim84 Ok, so you think that fucking weed should be legal? Sorry you fucked up pot heads, not going to happen. Either get used to it or jump off a cliff (second option sounds better).

  6. gugenheim84 says:

    @gamefreak1000000 Wrong again. We ARE used to it, now we’re of voting age and things are turning around, albeit slowly but we’ll get there and you old women will have to find other scapegoats to get wet about.

  7. gugenheim84 says:

    @HonDuhify Why don’t you go back to school and learn sentence structure, and while your at it look up the definition of ‘hate’ and of ‘truth’, they’re NOT the same.

    _Intelligent people who run our country!?!_ My God man, youre not in touch with reality if you believe that. Go smoke a J and expand you horizon, then come back here and make some sense.

  8. doomsdaygray says:

    @rafaelz713 wow, where the hell do you get an oz. for 50 bucks anymore. not in michigan!

  9. doomsdaygray says:

    @rafaelz713 wow, where the hell do you get an oz. for 50 bucks anymore. not in michigan!

  10. My1968Impala says:

    America’s war on plants has been and will always be……a failure.

  11. MikeC015 says:

    Fuckin dipshits, they get payed to steal a “drug” that is less body and mind altering than alcohal!

  12. TIJTG says:


  13. nickbretruth says:

    yea your a faggot. just smoke some.

  14. unorthodoxJ says:

    I dont mind cops and cops with good experience are great but Id rather see them stopping ACTUAL CRIMES

    Besides anyone who wants drugs to stay illegal, the illegalization of substances has been shown in many many cases to act as a sort of reverse psychology and have a adverse effect on the society

    Besides as long as we are mature of mind we should be able to pursue our own happiness however we want-its our own body

    We should be able to make our own decisions and try something without jailtime

  15. tsunade4900 says:

    @gamefreak1000000 that Capatalism is whats going make pot legal you idiot. Pot is the worlds largest cash crop and america spends hundreds of millions of dollars fighting it each year where the government could make hundreds of millions of dollars just off taxing it not to mention all the jobs that would be made because of plantations,shops,etc…
    the same thing that happened with prohibition is going to happen with pot its the nature of the free market and the U.S. government

  16. tsunade4900 says:

    @gamefreak1000000 well your an idiot for not smoking weed (see how it makes no sense to call some one stupid and then give no justification for why what they are doing is stupid)

  17. gamefreak1000000 says:

    Then enjoy being a low life loser that you are.

  18. gamefreak1000000 says:

    Well you’re an idiot for smoking weed.

  19. CaerulaXSanguis says:

    NOT WHERE I LIVE BITCH!! Sunny california, Dr.’s are giving out marijuana licenses like candy…

  20. drummingdude2007 says:

    that’s not an accomplishment

  21. nickbretruth says:

    HAHA. i laugh at this. thank you for setting a perfect example of the biggest stereotype in america. for your faggot ass information, i make straight a’s and am in all AP classes. i was on varsity football as a sophmore and play baseball AND IM STILL HIGH. so fuck you weed is great if anything it made my mind open up to things never thought before when i was sober.

  22. timfbmx says:

    who the hell buys schwagg now anyways

  23. erkdoc5 says:

    Most of the time cops in my area keep some of it for themselves.

  24. OMGitsbisho says:

    i wonder what they do with that weed

  25. gamefreak1000000 says:

    Well potheads, get used to having pot illegal, because it’s going to stay like that! Capitalism is a bitch isn’t it? xD