Duncan Trussell – Medical Marijuana

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September 3, 2011
Marijuana Legalization Is So Close – Support HR2306
September 4, 2011

Duncan Trussell - Medical MarijuanaDuncan picks up a prescription for Super OG Skywalker Bubble Haze at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more Duncan here: laughfactory.com Follow us: twitter.com Like us: facebook.com


  1. izwald1 says:

    @Perfection7Blog same here. he’s my favorite of joe’s guests

  2. audiowiz says:

    Duncan’s the truth serum!

  3. WickedMo13 says:

    He might be the coolest motherfucker to grace the rogan podcast with his presence.

  4. LINKTheReaper says:

    marijuana jokes…. how original…..

  5. noglea says:

    @LINKTheReaper making people laugh…how original… amirite??!??!?

  6. fpsexcellence says:

    @333jojob you sure like to use periods. sorry i got your pussy wet from my comment. lolumadbro.

  7. Dotgotit says:

    Liked & Shared!! PEACE

  8. richardp14 says:


    Joe rogan bitches

  9. GanjaJokke says:

    funny shitz

  10. MonkayMan says:

    ahhh shit its like he was talking to me. i have a med card for marijuana, im a huuuge Floyd fan, and i have a siamese cat…

  11. Mluna792 says:

    @evolgirl69 It’s not only in California, what are you talking about. I can get it at Denver dispensaries.

  12. fpsexcellence says:

    @333jojob why do you LIKE that? you’re clearly just begging for thumbs ups, loser.

  13. dpocket360 says:

    this should have been the 420 video

  14. logan2233 says:

    I love Duncan xD

  15. Perfection7Blog says:

    haha he’s funny.. never seen his stand up.. just heard him on joe’s podcast.

  16. 247617 says:

    he looks like a math major.

  17. yomamallama1022 says:

    “you have glaucoma, so im gonna prescribe you a quarter bag of Tibetan skullfuck”

  18. 13l4CK says:

    i put some weed in some boiling milk, & i downed it.. burned my insides
    followed by a Wave of Warm Rushness flutterly from the inside out,
    i lost my balance & fell onto my knees laffing histeraclly
    after realizing that i knew i was Hit by the high.. i got up & watched this video & laffed @ the TRAINWRECK! part lmaooo

  19. Kronnikx says:

    Duncans the man! I got 99 problems and they’re all elves.

  20. raiden824 says:

    Powerful Duncan Trussell

  21. BigUpToNJ says:

    who else looked up “Tibetan Skullfuck”

  22. mnypwrrspkt says:

    this is classic!

  23. TheLaughFactory says:

    @Perfection7Blog Look up his episode of the Kevin Nealon Show on our channel; also awesome!

  24. burtslide89 says:


  25. madVOYAGER says:

    1st line was fucking hilarious.

  26. kgbstalin says:

    Smoking weed is so overrated. Why don’t you guys do cocaine like real men?!

  27. rodfrost3 says:


  28. zben504 says:


  29. TheLaughFactory says:

    @MetalPhoenix13 Stoners don’t plan!

  30. 333jojob says:

    @fpsexcellence like i give a f*** if pp thumbs up my comment….i totally didn’t even know that it got thumbed…. and begging for thumbs up is saying something like…”like this…” or “thumbs this up”….clearly you wished your comment got thumbed….dumbass

  31. jahahn91 says:

    This guys from Drunk history!

  32. evolgirl69 says:

    Trainwreck is the real deal guys! Can only get it in California try it out, it will wreck you.

  33. glitchnoise says:

    I lole’d to the panic attack video of Ducan on the related videos..

  34. Derekmexican says:

    i love pink floyd so much

  35. jeffisstoned says:

    Two gnarly bong rips lmao!

  36. audiowiz says:

    Lavender Hour!

  37. mrcameronmusic says:

    Love the Lavender Hour!

  38. MetalPhoenix13 says:


  39. matyPRE says:

    funny shit, hes totally stoned

  40. candIejac says:

    Sounds like Natasha laughing in the background @ 1:05

  41. deadrecon says:

    @evolgirl69 naw pineapple express. trainwreck mixed with pineapple kush

  42. ESCAPEDCONVICT01 says:

    Death squad bitches!

  43. GIOtheZIPPERHEAD says:

    Holy Shit!

  44. revominds says:

    @333jojob pwnd

  45. glitchnoise says:

    That shit was funny.

  46. squeezeslemons says:

    Tibetan skull fuck….lol

  47. ivanfird says:

    Thumbs up if you’ve smoked train wreck

  48. drakepcj says:

    duncan is gold all day

  49. dwroo says:

    Definition of my life. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, as long as I’m wearing a tie…I’m Classy.

  50. cabbagesftw says:

    LMFAO I love you duncan!